Monday, 27 June 2016


Hi people! hope you are doing good. Its been an awful longtime on this blog. Firstly, my gadgets broke down simultaneously, one after the other , and then life happened ( got caught up with so many stuffs). Not an excuse though. Well its good to be back.

Couple of years ago, the hit movie "High school musical" took the teen and children entertainment world by storm. I wasn't a teenager then but I watched the movie back to back! Lol.

Seriously , with a crazy world of financial pressures, family issues and economic downturn, its hard to keep one's head in the game and focus on purpose. Yea, the word FOCUS, that's what I want to talk about today.

I was in a bus going home from work one day and there was so much traffic. It was so much that it looked like it would not end. If one of my friends was to be there she would have said " This traffic is caused by witchcraft " .lol.
Seriously, It was horrible. As usual, people began speculating on what could have been the cause of the hold-up. Some said it was the on-going construction( there's truly an on-going work in the area, but common do they also work at night???). Others said the road had been blocked. Lots of different info kept circulating. Some even got off the bus I was in and decided to trek or take alternative route/ means. Some drivers just gave up and turned back. The whole thing was very crazy and frustrating. But, the driver of my bus pressed on, so I decided to stay.

The journey progressed at snail speed but the driver continued. To my amazement, when we got to the construction site , there was nothing there, all the rumours were so untrue!!

Then it dawned on me that we need to be focused and press on to achieve our purpose.
On our way to fulfillment of dream/goal, there will be distractions, obstacles, delays and discouragements. Sometimes, we may be tempted to turn back and abandon the goal. But if we do not give up and keep our head in the game, we will reach our destination.

Be encouraged folks and keep your head in the game!

Ps: Here's a picture of my natural hair@ 7months and yes I have added some weight.


Monday, 14 March 2016

Why is God silent at times?

Hi people!! How's the week going.This post was originally scheduled for last week but we all know the fuel and light situation that raged through last week. Nevertheless am just gonna post it like that!!!

The heat right now in lag is killing... Even NEPA ,PHCN, DISCOS and GENCOS or whatever their power supply company is called are not even cooperating. Which means, we have to spend quite some cash in buying the so very expensive fuel... That's even if you t get fuel to buy. Anyways , it is well o. God will help Naija.

I downloaded this wonderful book on Mannareserve and started reading . A timely message struck a cord in my spirit as I read so I decided to share. I pray it will encourage you as much as it did me.


Don't Cast Away Your Confidence

Hebrews 10:35-36 says,
Therefore do not cast away your confidence, which
has great reward. For you have need of endurance, so
that after you have done the will of God, you may receive
the promise.

Patience will work experience and experience is a
testimony, something you can tell others about. When
you are in a trial, rather than crying, “Lord, when is this
going to be over? When am I going to be delivered from this
situation?" Why don't you take the attitude that you are
building a testimony? Think about how testifying about
how God delivered you from your trial will put a damper
on the devil's attempt to bring discouragement and

I can guarantee you are not the only person being
confronted by the problem you are facing. There are
hundreds of thousands experiencing the same trial and
God will see to it that one day you will cross the paths of
some of those people to testify about what God did to
bring you through!

Where does confidence come from and what is
confidence based upon? Experience. Because God has
come through so many times, I have confidence in Him.
This passage says not to cast that confidence away for
something momentary. Don't throw away what you do
know for some sudden state of “I don't know what to do."
Don't throw away what you do know for what you don't
know. Cast not away your confidence because God has
been so wonderful and faithful through the years.

Unfortunately, many Christians do cast away their
confidence. Don't throw away all of your testimonies for
some momentary thing you cannot explain. Don't allow
Satan to whisper in your ear that everything you have
believed has been wrong, that God doesn't exist or that
God can't help you and doesn't care when in reality He
does care.

Hebrews 10:36: (NKJV)
For you have need of endurance (patience), so that
after you have done the will of God, you may receive the
This passage doesn't mention how long after you have
done the will of God you will receive the promise, but it
says you will receive it! And it doesn't say if you're
questioning God about something you don't understand
that He is obligated to answer you immediately; it simply
he will answer.

If you want the whole of this ,simply click the above link ,sign up and search for this book and download. The good news is it's free and legal. The site has lots of wonderful Christian resources that has blessed me and helped improve my spiritual life.

Blessings folks!!!

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Thursday's thoughts

Hi people ! How are you today.
Hope you are having a Godilicious week

I remember one evening I was going out to get something, hubs was half asleep and I didn't tell him I was going out. So I jammed the door without taking the keys and off I went .

Then I came back and couldn't get in. I remembered hubs was asleep and since he was my only way of getting in , I started knocking. Boy! I knocked! and knocked till I woke my husband.

Then my thoughts went to Matthew 7:7

It was the knocking aspect that really struck me. We are asked to knock and the door will be opened . But the truth is, we just knock a little in prayers and stop knocking.

In my case, I kept knocking till my husband opened. God wants us to be this way. Just like I knocked till I woke my husband and he opened the door, God wants us to keep knocking till we get his attention and intervention on that thing.

Why does God want us to knock till he opens, knowing fully that God take sometimes to answer prayers. It is not that he doesn't hear when we first lift that request in prayers. He knows what we need and hears our first prayers. I believe he just wants to learn patience, which is one of the fruits of the spirit. He is interested in giving us blessings but more interested in our spiritual development.

He hears and he answers, and he has a timing for everything. Keep knocking folks till you see the door opened.

Peace people!

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Men of virtue... Are they all extinct?

Photo credit @Menofvirtue

This post dropped into my heart with much soberness, as I had a chat with the girls during a downtime.

We got talking about a woman who suffered with her hubs , built a life with him but had no children. Then her hubs went out and had children by other women. She in turn, began retaliating by doing lots of evil I heard.

Looking deep into the conversation, I admitted that no woman wants a rival. But once a misdeed is done , it is done. If that woman doesn't take grace to forgive her husband, she would commit lots of atrocities and in the process offend God.

Before I knew it , the conversation drifted to the cheating attitude of men. A colleague then made a statement that sounds like "all men were created to cheat. It's in their nature... Even the Christian ones".

Then I began to ponder on these words. We have been plagued some much with infidelity from men , and it seems like there are no men of virtue again .

In all sincerity, I think this statement is half true. Even christian men are heavily involved in infidelity. But I do not believe this is the will of God for men.

Almost everywhere, we see men , single and married, church goers, church workers as well pastor's committing sexual immorality.

Photo credit

Christian brothers are convincing their fiancee to engage in premarital sex, pastors trying to have sex with members.

I had a personal experience with a married church brother. At that time, his wife's shop was opposite my mum's shop. Ironically, I was so friendly and quite close to the wife. This man would leave his wife's shop, possibly pretending to buy something from our place and he would be asking me out. I was not even 18 at that time!!!

My colleague told me of a pastor in school ( he was married). He preached often against girls following married men. The same pastor would ask her out and invite her to the hotel.

All this story breaks my heart because people have no faith in men again. Wives now see it as a norm , young girls expect it in marriage , even parents excuse it away by saying " men will always be men".

Then I ask this question? Where are the mighty men of virtue. Are there no men who hold the word of God in high esteem. I sincerely believe that there are still chaste men and those who are still faithful to their wives . When Elijah lamented to God about being the only servant left . God told him that I have 7,000 men who have not bowed their knees to Baal.

Men of virtues, it is time to rise up and speak against immorality. Teach and show this generation and the next , that God demands that men be holy in body and spirit. It is not a norm to be slutty. The lord forbids immorality for both males and females.

Peace people!!

Sunday, 14 February 2016


Happy Va-lan-tyne(lol) peeps! Yup! It's val's day, so much red and white around. Though it's is a Sunday but some peeps got plans to paint the town red after service . Others got plans to just stay home like me and hubs, while some plan to be a church warden today so that they can avoid taking their babes out.

Babe! If your dude does this then it time to get on the running tracks. On your mark ,get set, RUNNN!!!! That boo of yours is worse than Ebenezer Scrooge. Lol..

Girls often demand lots of things for val's. From flowers to cakes, chocolates, biscuits, fun outings , perfumes and the list goes on. I found myself thinking what do I really want at thus time. I sincerely can't pinpoint one.

Some ladies and even wives hit the roof when their boyfriend / husband doesn't do anything special for them in vals day . This ought not be so. In fact some guys break up with their girls say, ending of January so as to not spend on val's day.

This brings to my real purpose of writing. Is valentine's day, the only day to celebrate and show love. No its not. In my opinion ,valentine celebration nowadays is associated with lots of vices such as, fornication, adultery, drunkenness, drug abuse etc. Underage teens sneaking out for outings, people hooking up for a one night stand to mention a few.

While lots of people use this opportunity to commit atrocities , there are still people who use it to show genuine love . These guys visit orphanages, remand homes, prisons with food and lots of gifts and also give words of encouragement to these children and inmates. Some also use it as an opportunity for family bonding, they have special dinner with family and friends, exchange gifts and share good times together (oyinbo things? not really, Nigerian's do it too). It can also a time for genuine couples ( married or single) to enjoy an date together.

I don't really fancy telling the history of valentine as there many versions and angles from which its argued . So am not for it or against it .
But if you decide to celebrate it , please cut out the vices

The word LOVE today has been confused for attraction , infatuation, pity and lust. Love is often depicted in movies as two adults (unmarried ) or teenagers tearing out each other's clothes just to have sex. Guys be like to their girls "if you love me you will let me sleep with you". What about a guy doing something evil just to please the girl all in the name of LOVE. These are just the devil's ways of camouflaging love and turning our face from the creator of love... God

God loves me and you ,that's why he sent Jesus to die for us. Babes, he did what all your boos can never do for you... That's is DIE for you. Your bae or boo may leave you in the toughest times but God will never leave you.

Showing love didn't start with valentine, it started with God, he is the author of love. You cannot love truly or genuinely if you don't have a relationship with him. Humans are naturally selfish and as of such, we often do things to promote our self interest and hurt others as well. That's why there are lots of loveless marriages and self-oriented relationships out there . Understanding the true meaning of love is accepting Jesus into one's life and allowing him to renew our hearts and minds so that we will begin to live a love- filled life.

Peace people and have a Godilicious week

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Tuesday's thoughts..Lessons from King Solomon

Hi people, happy new month. Welcome you all to a Godilicious February. Stumbled on this piece ,which I wrote sometime last year and decided to share it here. Enjoy peeps.

If the story of Solomon were to be made into a movie today,I guessed it would be titled. "Fall from grace".

From a young wise lad who feared God to an idolatrous old man totally consumed with lust for much women. How did he get there you might ask, the answer is not far fetched. He strayed away from God's instruction 1kings 11:1-3
Probably, he also got carried away with the wisdom he had and he became careless.

If Solomon lived in the modern times,he would be a fire brand Christian turned apostate.Wow! That's a lot to swallow.

It also strikes me that all these didn't happen to while he was young but it happened after he had known God. And God had even appeared to him twice.1kings 3:5-14, 1Kings 9:1-9
Little wonder the bible says that he thinks he stand,let him take heed lest he falls.

Matthew Henry commentary says "Those who are so zealous and have made great professions for Christ must be very careful. Because the devil is set more violently on destroying them, for if they fall, their fall would be greater ( Paraphrased)

This is a word and warning for Christians ,let us be careful , watchful and continually ask for grace and help of the holy spirit. It just a thin line between Godful and Godlessness. May the lord help and strengthen us in Jesus name

Godilicious day peeps!

Thursday, 28 January 2016


Hi guys! wanted to do this post for a while. Thank God I am finally doing it. How is your week going people ? Hope you are having a Godilicious time. Haha! Godilicious! will give you the story behind the word later.

Onto the next one! There is this construction going on in Ogun state around Ojodu/ Yakoyo, the project was kicked off swiftly but was abandoned by the government before 2015 elections and even after the elections.

Then work started again. At first, everyone was skeptical because, unlike before , there were just few workers working on the road. But then, I remember passing there a few days ago and I noticed how much they had progressed.
Then my brother-in-law's pm on WhatsApp came to mind, his personal message reads.... Gradually but surely!

I began to ponder on the reality of these words in real life. There is an adage that says a little drop if water makes a mighty ocean. Also repeated actions lead to a habit. This is not far fetched from the truth.

So how does this apply to real life. Let's say for instance, one of my goals this year is to lose some weight before June. Then I start exercising , eating right and cutting off junks. I might not start seeing results immediately, the scale might even be bulging, but if I keep keeping on (persisting), I will definitely lose that weight.

What about our finances? cutting back on excesses daily and putting away something to save every month or week really goes a long way . Sincerely, most Nigerians live beyond their budget, little wonder we live from paycheck to paycheck. Its a new year, if we must make a headway financially this year, then we need to develop good financial habits. There is this popular saying that says "People buy things they don't need, with the money they don't have, to impress people who don't like them!" *Chuckles* Guys its time for a change.

This principles can also apply to all areas of life , be it spiritual growth, finances , health , relationships. If we propose to take one right step towards these areas daily, we might not see results immediately but gradually we would begin to see improvement.

I am persuaded that God gave us the gift of persistence so that barriers can be broken. I am also convinced that no problem can withstand the power of persistence mostly when coupled with faith in God.

Life is full of challenges. But Guys, don't run away from those challenges, face it heads on. With faith in God, no challenge is insurmountable

Have a Godilicious day!

PS: I think this one post I have done with so many pictures .lol