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The word "clutter"  signals  stress and anxiety for a lot of us. And when the clutter happens right in our homes, we are already exhausted even before cleaning starts. 

Living in a society where we have too much stuff, hoard unnecessary things and work  long  hours, clutter is not far off from us.  Even stay at home moms can have issues with clutter. Believe me, children can so keep you on your toes and that you lose a hang on things. 

Does your home need to  be de - cluttered  but don't know where and how to begin? Continue reading as this tips will give you a head start. 

Step 1

Home Appraisal

Take a look at the things in your home/room and ask yourself the following questions ;

i. How often do I use this? 

ii. Is this still relevant to my lifestyle?

iii. Am I keeping this items for sentimental value?

iv. What do I use often?

Step 2 

Decision time

Based on the above questions, you should be considering these possible solutions;

i. If you have items that you use less often, consider using closet storage containers to store them away. 

ii. If you have lots of stuff such as books, toys, clothes that are no more relevant to your lifestyle, it's time to give them away. Give them either to a charity, church welfare or donation centre. Someone in need would really appreciate it.

iii. We hoard so much stuff. Though they might be worn and nonfunctional,  we still keep them.  Ok,  I know this stuff was passed to you by your great mother,  but hey! it so old and you don't even use it. It's time to get rid of it. I am not being insensitive here,  but truth is we tend to harbour lots junks in the name of sentiments. If you want to be clutter free.... get rid of them. 

iv. The items that you use often should be the visible ones, most especially in your closet. This allows for easy accessibility. 

Step 3

Get a laundry bin

A hamper, bin or a fancy  basket would work just fine. All dirty clothes should always go to this bin. You also ensure the bin  is in a separate place in your room or the house. 

Step 4

Go slowly

De-cluttering a space is really tasking. So, take it one day at a time.  Set apart at least 30mins (Do more if you can)  to de-clutter that space. You are on your way to a clutter free space.

More organising tips to come. Cheers

Your turn
What tips do you use to de-clutter your space? Please share in the comment box

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  1. Great tips indeed, less clutter, more peace. Just recently donated stuff I didn't need to charity. No need hoarding stuff you will never use. Greetings!