Get Rid Of that Clutter

The word "clutter"  signals  stress and anxiety for a lot of us. And when the clutter happens right in our homes, we are already exhausted even before cleaning starts. 

Living in a society where we have too much stuff, hoard unnecessary things and work  long  hours, clutter is not far off from us.  Even stay at home moms can have issues with clutter. Believe me, children can so keep you on your toes and that you lose a hang on things. 

Does your home need to  be de - cluttered  but don't know where and how to begin? Continue reading as this tips will give you a head start. 

Step 1

Home Appraisal

Take a look at the things in your home/room and ask yourself the following questions ;

i. How often do I use this? 

ii. Is this still relevant to my lifestyle?

iii. Am I keeping this items for sentimental value?

iv. What do I use often?

Step 2 

Decision time

Based on the above questions, you should be considering these possible solutions;

i. If you have items that you use less often, consider using closet storage containers to store them away. 

ii. If you have lots of stuff such as books, toys, clothes that are no more relevant to your lifestyle, it's time to give them away. Give them either to a charity, church welfare or donation centre. Someone in need would really appreciate it.

iii. We hoard so much stuff. Though they might be worn and nonfunctional,  we still keep them.  Ok,  I know this stuff was passed to you by your great mother,  but hey! it so old and you don't even use it. It's time to get rid of it. I am not being insensitive here,  but truth is we tend to harbour lots junks in the name of sentiments. If you want to be clutter free.... get rid of them. 

iv. The items that you use often should be the visible ones, most especially in your closet. This allows for easy accessibility. 

Step 3

Get a laundry bin

A hamper, bin or a fancy  basket would work just fine. All dirty clothes should always go to this bin. You also ensure the bin  is in a separate place in your room or the house. 

Step 4

Go slowly

De-cluttering a space is really tasking. So, take it one day at a time.  Set apart at least 30mins (Do more if you can)  to de-clutter that space. You are on your way to a clutter free space.

More organising tips to come. Cheers

Your turn
What tips do you use to de-clutter your space? Please share in the comment box

Redeeming The Times

There is popular adage that says "time waits for no man. I believe this means time flies and before you know it its ten  years or more down the line.  This is so evident as we see children who were born right before our eyes now giving birth themselves. 

The bible also has something to say about time. The apostle Paul emphasized importance of time in the verse below. 

"See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise,  Redeeming the time, because the days are evil."  Ephesians 5:15-16

So what does Paul mean by redeeming the times? Can time be redeemed?  Looking at definition of the word redeem ; It means to buy back, ransom,  rescue from los.  Paul was cautioning us to use our time wisely. 

Time management has been one topic that has caught the interest of many and sold million books. While its a good attitude to imbibe, Paul advocates more than this. 

¡. He says we are to walk circumspectly which means being careful, with great prudence. He also mentioned that that we have to wise in use of time because,  the days are evil. A lot is happening in the world today and Christians seem so oblivious of it. The pursuit of  career, ambition,  fame and power  is so strong and overwhelming that even Christians are caught up in it. While all these things have their place, an idolatrous passion to have all this has consumed the society.  As a result  of this, more have lost touch with spiritual things.  

¡¡. It is a human error to believe that we are invincible and  would live forever.  But who knows what will happen tomorrow. Instead of running after unprofitable and vain things, we should focus on things that are eternally beneficial. We can practice all the time management  we want,  but if we are not aligning it with God's will and his purpose for us, it's still a sheer waste of time. 

¡¡¡. Procrastination is one terrible thing that wastes our time. We put off vital decisions and choices that will  affect our family, health, spiritual life positively till latter dates. Funny, we never get to doing those things. 

Here are some few questions that might help to use our time wisely.  

Is this giving to glory to God? 
Is this according to God's purpose for me? 
Does this affect my family health and career positively?
Am  learning educationally/spiritually from this? 

May the lord grant use grace to use our days according to his will. 

More bible study to come.   Blessings 

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Who Moved Her Voice?

I know this dear person who, while growing up , was very shy.  In fact, I can say that she is an introvert. 

But now, If you meet Rida , you would never believe any of what I just said about her. 

I recently attended a workshop with her and witnessed a completely different Rida. She literally threw herself into it. She was visible; interacted with people and contributing.    

From  the various feedbacks,  it seemed Rida made  a big impression on the minds of the attendees and her facilitators. I think so too. 

Knowing Rida, I could not help but marvel at this new personality emerging out of her. Maybe, I should have even tagged this piece “How Rida  got her voice”. 

Yours truly decided to probe in to this. Rida disclosed that she actually loved seminars and workshops all this while.  But she wasn't able to share her opinions because she was very shy.  She also believed that she missed out on  lots of opportunities,because she could not  socialise. 

So what did she do about it? She  put herself situations where she had to contribute. It was terrible at first. In her own words, she said "It would seem like my heart would jump out of my mouth. I was so petrified.
Still, I kept reading about public speaking and jumped at every opportunity to practice it". I also read wide on interpersonal skills. "

The big break came when she joined a creative non-profit organisation. There, she  met a couple of friends who encouraged her creativity and gave her opportunities to share her ideas on big platforms.

With all these was going on, a strong personality was being developed. Rida can  now talk /socialize so well that noone  will believe she was ever shy. Was  she  ever  an introvert? Or she was just waiting to find her  own voice?  Which ever way you want to see it, I think Rida's story,  is one full of inspiration. I hope it inspires to you to rise to your full potential. 


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Musings On Appropriate Christian Ministers' Dressing

I like watching preaching videos a lot on YouTube. So I was looking out for something new to watch and I came across the message of a popular minister. I opened the video and I was immediately shocked by what I saw. This female minister (name withheld) was actually preaching to a global audience and wearing a dress that revealed her cleavage. You could even see part of her bra as she move about on the altar. I was so astonished.

I would say, she is not the first female minister to dress inappropriately.  Sadly, some Christians don’t see anything wrong with this, and others, well, would asked that we all just keep silent and go with the culture shock.

Is there an appropriate dressing for female ministers?

I believe there is and so the right answer is yes. Looking at the levitical priesthood dressing in Exodus 28:2-4, Leviticus 8;7. Special outfits were designed for those who were chosen as priests and while it seemed that others just wear what they chooses,  all worshipers are also expected to adhere to the  "worship-mode" dressing as such that would not provoke lusting while establishing a clear distinction between the genders.

Today the priestly robe has evolved beyond collars, cassocks and various styles of pulpit gowns that we grow up to known its "churchy". Those who wear this then and even now are recognized as ordained ministers. This is not to say that all ministers must follow this trend. It is neither a symbol of holiness nor the gold-standard for approximate dressing. I am just establishing that appropriate attire for ministers, originates from the bible and its based on the belief that we are an ambassador of a new order under God. 

Some would say we are no longer the law; we are under the law of liberty in Christ Jesus. Which means the priestly garment are not a must. YES, I agree. But does liberty permit us to anything and everything. Galatians 5:12 says not to use our liberty as occasion to flesh. Paul goes on to say in Romans 12:1 that we are to present ourselves ( our bodies ) as a living sacrifice holy and acceptable to God. In 1 Timothy 2:9, 1 Peter 3: 3-5 Women (I mean Christian women) are being admonished to modesty.

Let’s do some straight talk here.  I agree that we are all from different backgrounds, cultures and world views. But once you accept Jesus and rise to the extent of being a minister, you become a representative (ambassador) of Jesus. Hence the bible is now your handbook/guide. Therefore, if you are doing contrary to what is written in your handbook the bible, you are no longer representing JESUS. It simply means you have defected and representing something else or someone else.

As a minister, when your audience are distracted because of what you're wearing or how you won it carelessly, that simply means they haven’t heard anything you said. They were just thinking of how to get your super shinning earrings or flashy "flesh" revealing outfit. In other words, you haven't represent Christ but you have fully represent yourself.

I am definitely not against jewelries or cool clothes. I am just saying as ministers , we are there to exalt and present Jesus. But if we project anything else either by commission or ommission in a way that distract your hearer from getting the the real gospel message, you really have not sow at all or have just down precious seed among thorns. So, you must watch out and make sure to follow the master.

Whether it is the too flashy jewelries, the very tight clothes, cleavages and other excessive indulgence,  Christian female ministers especially must be careful so that you don’t put stumbling blocks on people’s way at knowing the saviour.

Cleavages and inappropriate dressing cause distraction for men and women alike. Sue Edwards ,an author interviewed lots of men for her book Mixed Ministry and   told how much cleavage distracted them. The men “said with just the bit of a woman showing, the man’s mind goes to the whole thing. Not one man said its ok, I am used to big deal.”

Brian Andrews said” modesty is an increasingly rare commodity in this day and age and I believe women and men could use with good helping of it. You've got to realize that men are very visual oriented and you are going to distract us that way whether we show it or not. We have had a hard enough time with all the tv an magazines that show blatant sexual   content while trying to keep our focus on God. For a woman to be showing off in church to me seems almost like an insult to injury scenario.”

Meagan, a mother of four boys, 21 , 12,11,and 8 respectively had this to say on modesty. “I didn’t go through issues like I have gone through with my 3 youngest boys. They are very visual, and I had no idea what or how it affected them to see girls women hanging out (in exposed dressing) all over the place at a summer theme park few years ago. They were asking me to do something about it…imagine that.   They knew in their heart that it wasn’t right.”

This is not a church police thing here, neither am I been judgmental. The bible asks us to speak the truth in love. We all need to repent anywhere...occupy till I come. And though this blog is basically about female Christian ministers. It is not limited to them. If you are truly saved, you should dress modestly. And hey! You don’t need to wear a cassock to be a minister. Once you identify as a Christian and you are talking about your faith, you are already a minister! People are watching out for words and deeds! More so, your faith requires good deeds too....and your good deeds must be according to the dictate of your Good Master.

"Ye are our epistle written in our hearts known and read of all men"  2 Corinthians 3:2


Hi people! hope you are doing good. Its been an awful longtime on this blog. Firstly, my gadgets broke down simultaneously, one after the other , and then life happened ( got caught up with so many stuffs). Not an excuse though. Well its good to be back.

Couple of years ago, the hit movie "High school musical" took the teen and children entertainment world by storm. I wasn't a teenager then but I watched the movie back to back! Lol.

Seriously , with a crazy world of financial pressures, family issues and economic downturn, its hard to keep one's head in the game and focus on purpose. Yea, the word FOCUS, that's what I want to talk about today.

I was in a bus going home from work one day and there was so much traffic. It was so much that it looked like it would not end. If one of my friends was to be there she would have said " This traffic is caused by witchcraft " .lol.
Seriously, It was horrible. As usual, people began speculating on what could have been the cause of the hold-up. Some said it was the on-going construction( there's truly an on-going work in the area, but common do they also work at night???). Others said the road had been blocked. Lots of different info kept circulating. Some even got off the bus I was in and decided to trek or take alternative route/ means. Some drivers just gave up and turned back. The whole thing was very crazy and frustrating. But, the driver of my bus pressed on, so I decided to stay.

The journey progressed at snail speed but the driver continued. To my amazement, when we got to the construction site , there was nothing there, all the rumours were so untrue!!

Then it dawned on me that we need to be focused and press on to achieve our purpose.
On our way to fulfillment of dream/goal, there will be distractions, obstacles, delays and discouragements. Sometimes, we may be tempted to turn back and abandon the goal. But if we do not give up and keep our head in the game, we will reach our destination.

Be encouraged folks and keep your head in the game!


Why is God silent at times?

Hi people!! How's the week going.This post was originally scheduled for last week but we all know the fuel and light situation that raged through last week. Nevertheless am just gonna post it like that!!!

The heat right now in lag is killing... Even NEPA ,PHCN, DISCOS and GENCOS or whatever their power supply company is called are not even cooperating. Which means, we have to spend quite some cash in buying the so very expensive fuel... That's even if you t get fuel to buy. Anyways , it is well o. God will help Naija.

I downloaded this wonderful book on Mannareserve and started reading . A timely message struck a cord in my spirit as I read so I decided to share. I pray it will encourage you as much as it did me.


Don't Cast Away Your Confidence

Hebrews 10:35-36 says,
Therefore do not cast away your confidence, which
has great reward. For you have need of endurance, so
that after you have done the will of God, you may receive
the promise.

Patience will work experience and experience is a
testimony, something you can tell others about. When
you are in a trial, rather than crying, “Lord, when is this
going to be over? When am I going to be delivered from this
situation?" Why don't you take the attitude that you are
building a testimony? Think about how testifying about
how God delivered you from your trial will put a damper
on the devil's attempt to bring discouragement and

I can guarantee you are not the only person being
confronted by the problem you are facing. There are
hundreds of thousands experiencing the same trial and
God will see to it that one day you will cross the paths of
some of those people to testify about what God did to
bring you through!

Where does confidence come from and what is
confidence based upon? Experience. Because God has
come through so many times, I have confidence in Him.
This passage says not to cast that confidence away for
something momentary. Don't throw away what you do
know for some sudden state of “I don't know what to do."
Don't throw away what you do know for what you don't
know. Cast not away your confidence because God has
been so wonderful and faithful through the years.

Unfortunately, many Christians do cast away their
confidence. Don't throw away all of your testimonies for
some momentary thing you cannot explain. Don't allow
Satan to whisper in your ear that everything you have
believed has been wrong, that God doesn't exist or that
God can't help you and doesn't care when in reality He
does care.

Hebrews 10:36: (NKJV)
For you have need of endurance (patience), so that
after you have done the will of God, you may receive the
This passage doesn't mention how long after you have
done the will of God you will receive the promise, but it
says you will receive it! And it doesn't say if you're
questioning God about something you don't understand
that He is obligated to answer you immediately; it simply
he will answer.

If you want the whole of this ,simply click the above link ,sign up and search for this book and download. The good news is it's free and legal. The site has lots of wonderful Christian resources that has blessed me and helped improve my spiritual life.

Blessings folks!!!

Thursday's thoughts

Hi people ! How are you today.
Hope you are having a Godilicious week

I remember one evening I was going out to get something, hubs was half asleep and I didn't tell him I was going out. So I jammed the door without taking the keys and off I went .

Then I came back and couldn't get in. I remembered hubs was asleep and since he was my only way of getting in , I started knocking. Boy! I knocked! and knocked till I woke my husband.

Then my thoughts went to Matthew 7:7

It was the knocking aspect that really struck me. We are asked to knock and the door will be opened . But the truth is, we just knock a little in prayers and stop knocking.

In my case, I kept knocking till my husband opened. God wants us to be this way. Just like I knocked till I woke my husband and he opened the door, God wants us to keep knocking till we get his attention and intervention on that thing.

Why does God want us to knock till he opens, knowing fully that God take sometimes to answer prayers. It is not that he doesn't hear when we first lift that request in prayers. He knows what we need and hears our first prayers. I believe he just wants to learn patience, which is one of the fruits of the spirit. He is interested in giving us blessings but more interested in our spiritual development.

He hears and he answers, and he has a timing for everything. Keep knocking folks till you see the door opened.

Peace people!