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Hi everyone,i am so excited as this is my second work of fiction on my blog. If you missed the first one---Blame Game,just click here for it. As our usual practice,kindly let me know what you think of it.enjoy...

Tale woke up from the shrieking noise of the alarm from her table clock.Still bleary eyed,she stretched and yawned,she even  decided on going back to sleep. Then she glanced at the table clock and exclaimed "Oh no! "I am going to be late for church". She rushed to the bathroom and came out a few minutes later.She got dressed for church but would not leave until she had performed her last dressing ritual,which was spraying her favorite Chanel perfume from her head down. The perfume bottle is love-shaped with a golden cap. Tale had always been a romantic,in fact this was why she bought this perfume. She usually dreams of how she would someday meet her soul mate. She imagined him to be tall, ummm,not too tall so she wouldn't have to climb a ladder to kiss him. He must be dark skinned,ehh she is fair so she doesn't really like fair guys,he must also be dashingly handsome and rich....terribly rich. Oh! he must also be a christian,a very important quality.
"Ok enough" she said to herself "snap out of it girl,its time for church."

She got to church 6.45am, just in time before the service started.She remembered that she had forgotten to pray when she woke up, so she bowed her head to say a short prayer. The service started 7am prompt. As Pastor Drew led the opening prayers,she opened her eyes to see Adaeze walk in with her husband Charles.The couple took the seats adjacent  to her,Adaeze gave her a wave and a bright smile while Charles nodded in greeting to her.
"Sweet mushrooms! what a cute couple" she thought. Charles was a young man in his early thirties, he worked with Alma Oil and lived in Lekki. Stealing another glance at the couple,she mutters under her breath "Adaeze is such a lucky girl,I even heard Charles bought her the latest Hyundai Elantra as a wedding gift. (sighs) I wonder when I  will meet the my true love. Anyways I have God,yeah right, (rolls her eyes) God is my boo for now".She lets out a smile and continues praying.
The service progressed and later Pastor Lanre got up to preach about the will of God.He explained that the will of God is written in the bible,therefore to know his will we must read the bible.However, he stressed that God sometimes has a specific direction for different areas of our lives and we can only understand this when we walk closely with God. On a closing note,he told his congregation that atimes, people might not like the will of God if it doesn't suit their expectations but ,they will find out in the end that God always gives the best to his children. Tale adjusted her sitting position and thought "bummer pastor!what did you just say ? That God doesn't always give people what they want? HELL NO! Oops! I am so sorry God, I didn't mean to curse in church. Pleaseee don't let an ugly husband be in your will for me.amen."

After the service,Tale stood at the welfare stand where she usually met her girl pal Tanya. Tale and Tanya had been friends since high school, people often called them Tsquare because both their names starts with the letter "T". While she waited,a guy dressed in the traditonal buba and sokoto walked up to her. "Excuse me" he said. Tale replied "Hi, how can I help you". My name is Alvin,emmm,you are one of the youth group executives ,aren't you?  "Yes, I am".   "Ok,(he heaves a sigh of relief) I thought I got the wrong girl. I just wanted to ask about the time of the on-coming youth fiesta".
"Didnt you listen to the announcements during the service? she asked looking astounded. "I came in just after the announcements",he covers his face mockingly. "No sweat",she shrugged "but you should try to come earlier next time. The fiesta is on the 23rd-25th of august and it starts by 4pm." Alright,thanks" he said and she replied with a bright "you are welcome."
Five minutes later,she saw Alvin walking back towards her,What is it again? She thought. "I am sorry,I didn't get your name the other time". "I am Tale." Hmmm,"Taleeeee" he repeated slowly,"What a beautiful name".He smiled and held out his hand,she shook it and also smiled.He looked deeply into her eyes for a while and said "I will see you next week".And then he was gone.

To be continued...........................................

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  1. my sister i have missed you so much.
    loved your post, very intresting.


    1. awwh dear,its truly been a while.So good to have you here.

  2. Beautiful piece

    Patiently waiting for part two


    1. Hmm uje,patience is a beautiful thing to possess,just wish i had a little more of it. *hugs dear*

  3. Great story line sister, well done!

  4. 'he looked deeply into her eyes..'
    hmm, waiting for the rest oo

    1. Ha frances, you don watch romantic movies tire! lol!. Dont worry you will soon get to read the rest.Welcome back darling,i have really missed you.

    2. I do watch tire and you dey help me so too na, u don write another for here, I dey wait jor, come complete am..thanks sweets,glad to be back

  5. This is so not fair! Just when I was getting into the whole gist, u had to stop! Vexing much! Now I know how suspense feels. Great storyline. Do and complete it jor. Lol

    1. Not fair ke? lmao,shebi you are the one who always put us in suspense with your thrilling stories. Thanks a lot dear.