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I recently updated my status on bbm saying "last first date". Then my aunt pinged me and we started this conversation.

Aunt: what is that? last first date ,is there anything like that?

Me:   yes! it is when you meet a ridiculous guy for the first time and you decide its the last time you will ever see him.

Aunt: that's serious o.....I agree.

Hope you now  understand the meaning of first last date. I know you are now wondering who started this cliche? Well, my one of my blogger pals Alicia, recently posted about her own bizarre dating experience and she  asked other ladies to share their own similar experiences,which  I did .You can click this link  below to read about it.

Biko make  una no laff too much. kindly let me know what you think .

I think we girls should start a television show called the Dating police so that we can punish all crimes of dating. Maybe  men would start ensuring they treat women better on dates. Still, we thank God for all the gentlemen out there. 
A big cheers to the good  guys but the bad ones will not go unpunished .lol

Don't forget to check Alicia's blog, She is multi-talented blogger,her words are etched in sound wisdom and of course, she is also lots of fun.

PS: I would really love to hear from the guys too. Do you think we (girls) demand too much by insisting on courtesy from our dates?. kindly send these to the men you know so that we can get their views on this.

Enjoy your week

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  1. Lol @ dating police. We really need to oh! Someone has to be catching and punishing offenders. Maybe the upcoming ones will learn from it. We definitely aren't demanding too much by insisting on courtesy from our dates. It's what every civilized man should know. Afterall, he's the one trying to get the girl's attention.

    1. True o! he is the one trying to catch her attention.

  2. hummmm.see what one has to go through to meet prince charming!!!
    when he told her she was smelling she would have given him a piece of her mind, he thinks the world rotates round him or what some of these men are just dumb.
    kia me i don vex self, we really need a dating police to help us reduce some of this rubbish.

    1. Chaii,my sister ! u don vex wella .lol. Don't worry when dating police starts we will deal with those guys.most importantly its high time women insist that men treat them well on dates.

  3. make we start am o abeg, koboko for all of them that match line on
    read your entry on femmetotale's blog.long mttttchewwww for that guy...

  4. Lmao. They truly need koboko. If it hadn't happened to me ,I would have said its an hearsay.Some guys are not just it. I hope he changes,if he doesn't,i seriously pity his wife.

  5. I can relate..there was this guy who on the first date was keen on seeing my tummy..shuu?? Warriz ur problem? Well, I laughed over it, but made a decision in my mind that whatever friendship we already had wasn't gonna last...I dislike it when guys can't act in a mature way...

    Some of them need a punch in the

  6. LOL I love this post. For first dates, I think the guy should just be charming and courteous x