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I watch the Trisha show often and one of her particular broadcasts really made an impression on me. I decided to bring the topic here on blogs ville so that we could discuss it .Well you guessed right,It was about the female hair.

On the show Trisha, the host, chose to discuss about natural hair and artificial hair. I know hair issues is also a big issue here in naija. There are a lot of factors varying from religious to social,health factors which determine how we wear our hair. Before I digress too much,let me continue with the show. Trisha had 2 teams to discuss this issue, one called team natural and the other called team weave. Both teams comprised two women each who wore their hair naturally and artificially respectively. I know this is getting interesting. The team members also discussed why they chose to wear their hair that way.

Team natural said they were proud of their natural hair and decided to show it off. They believed that those who wore their hair artificially,with weaves or relaxed were not proud of their God given hair.

Gorgeous Natural hair locks

Team weave said they felt more comfortable with hair extensions and weaves. One woman on team weave said she had never gone out in long time without her weave. The other lady on team weave said she feels more beautiful when she has on her hair extensions.

Loving this full length weave

Now what stunned me so much was that a black woman on team weave had  straightened her 3year old daughter's hair already!!..... now that ticked me off.

Arguments flew back and forth on hair issues.One woman on team natural said that black women relax and get hair extensions as well as weaves because they want to look like white women..(is this really true?). She also said that black women have been made to believe that their natural hair is not presentable enough to the world so they alter it to look like a white's woman hair.She argued that  the lady who straightened her 3year-old's  hair was indirectly teaching her daughter not to be proud of her natural hair.Some folks in the audience thought the natural lady was being too extreme with her views.

Straightened/Relaxed hair

Another argument for artificial hair came forward as a hair stylist projected that relaxed hair and weaves are easier to manage(I kinda agree.)
Okay! enough of the show. I really brought up this topic because I know that hair is a big deal with Nigerian women.In fact in Nigeria,your hair style kinda depicts how fashionable you are. On the extreme level,It is associated  with social status.If you are wearing brazillian, taj, peruvian hair,you are a big girl. A friend once said to me "artifical hair is normal nowadays". 

With all the modern day evolution of wigs and weaves, have we lost our appreciation for natural (God given) hair? I chose to reserve my opinion on this because I really love to hear from others.

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  1. lol not easy being natural .. i can tell you that. But this post is great
    I did a post on hair too check it

    1. Hey buiti,I do agree ,maintaining natural hair is serious work.Will be sure to check your blog post.

  2. In my opinion, they all look so beautiful!!

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  3. gal don't get me started. I have been "natural" for about 2 years but I am not the typical natural. Natural hair takes work, time and patience. I don't have any of the traits. In between letting my hair out I do braids, weaves or wigs. I am natural in the sense that I have stopped relaxing. Its been difficult to manage the hair and I am trying to educate myself on the best regimen. I believe every woman has to make an individual choice. What annoys me slightly about the naturals is the accusation in their point of view. they believe "well if you are not natural you don't like your culture or your hair" White women dye their hair with some serious chemicals all the time. I don't see anyone breathing down their throat. One is not better than the other. Just do what works for life and schedule. As for children because they cant make a choice I wouldn't relax my 3 year olds hair.

    1. I did try myself to keep my natural hair. But I have a tight schedule so I couldnt keep being natural for long. I sincerely agree that hairstyle has to be a matter of personal choice.

  4. Don't judge me n I won't judge u.
    I decide to wear weave n relaxed hair n u decide to pour all the products into your 'natural' hair.
    I've considered going natural but the stress is not sometin I'm cut out for. So its relaxed/weaves for me. Thank u!

  5. Hair is just hair..all these fights are too much. Just rcently blogged about ppeople praying for their hair, check it out here-->