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Hmmm, the great comeback! sounds like a movie huh! Exactly !I have been working on a movie for quite a while. let me tell you  bit about it. I got this great role where I was to play a rich spoilt girl. How did I get the role? (That will be gist for another day).

In the movie ,I was to act as the love interest of a 30 something married male model . Hot ehhh! I know, it just that I don't do married men in real life.
For the movie ,I had to lose some weight and right now, I am a ravishing size 4. If you think I am anorexic ,na you sabi! Shooting the movie was one of the best experiences of my life. The movie is coming to the cinemas in July.I will giving away some free tickets to movie, if you are interested, contact me on flossy.242@gmail.com.

Gosh! I can't believe I pulled a fast on you. Roftl, movie ko ,movie ni. I acted the film inside my mind. lolzzzzzzZz. I know its not April 1st, but there's no rule that says you can't crack some ribs on blogsville.

Yes ,I have been away from blogsville for a while and I have really missed my e-friends. Lately, I have  been involved in one thing or the other and it just seems to take away all my time. While I was away, I attended a seminar in which I learnt a personal lesson.

I always like to be the best in all I do . But sometimes this makes me conceited and egoistic ( *smiles*,  I had to borrow some grammar from Lizzie). For a while I used to think that I was smarter than the others . When I get to a new place or join a new group, I like to show smart and knowledgeable I can be. (I actually don't think I am proud or am I? ) . Then,something interesting  happened. At a point, during the seminar,we were to do a presentation .Each individual did their presentation and waited for feedback for their supervisors. As the supervisor went round ,she asked questions and doled out her remarks. When she got to me,I got some criticism regarding my presentation and I felt like fainting. I felt so embarrassed and it was like everyone was making jest of me. Omg! how did I get here ,I was supposed to be smarter than everyone !!..
I was uncomfortable for the rest of the seminar because I felt all eyes were mocking me. I even considered abandoning the rest of the seminar. Thank God! I didn't.

After the seminar , I decided to get help on how to deal with criticism. I had some resource materials from circular and Christian authors.
After using these resources I was diagnosed with following symptoms:

Pride: For me to think I am smarter than everyone shows that I am proud!!! *Covers face*

Unteachable: I was found unteachable because my damaged self-esteem was more important to me than learning.

Unloving: What!! I am the nicest person  on earth. I am unloving because all my attentions were focused on me ,me and the movement of me!

Then I learnt the following antidotes to these symptoms

Accept criticism with grace: Criticism can either be good or bad. Bad ones are directed at destroying you or your self esteem,you should ignore this kind of criticism. The good ones are aimed at making you a better person. When you are criticized ,examine the area if criticism and work on becoming better in that area. This way you will learn more . In my own case, I later worked on my weak link(what I was criticized for the seminar) . Right now! I am a pro in that aspect. winks* ( No bragging)

Appreciate others: While I might be smart,I can't be a powerhouse of knowledge ,somebody knows what I don't know. Appreciating others helps you to see good in  them. This will not only  endear people to you,it will also increases your knowledge as you get to learn from other's perspective . Talking to myself :You this Tosin girl sef! What made you ever think you are smarter than others! With all your supposed smartness you don't know how to use Photoshop *smh*

Show love: Love was an antidote to my self-centeredness.  selfishness is focusing on yourself. Almost all through the seminar, I thought about me. How I should dress fabulously, how to outsmart and outshine others. Oh my! God is so good or else he would have been tired of my antics.
I forgot  about showing love and caring for others ,which is supposed to be an attribute of a Christian. A simple heartfelt hello or asking about the welfare of others could go a long way. In a seminar, where we had quite a number of people ,everyone is conscious of themselves. If I had been so friendly with people and dedicated to making them feel at ease, it will have been worth more than a million bucks.

As I look back to the seminar, I wish I had done a lot of things in a better way. I had some very good parts,infact my attitude changed towards the end of the seminar.
But like I explained earlier , I made some mistakes. I am glad I made those mistakes,because I got to learn from them.
Isn't that what life is about ?learning everyday.

So folks, invite me to a seminar and I won't ruin it.lolzzz
I do hope this post was a great comeback! *winks*

Tosin Quotes :   "When we refuse to learn from a mistake,we keep turning in the circle of that mistake"

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  1. Welcome back dearie..tis a great comeback as I learnt a lot!!
    Ps:waiting to read your own stuff for the awards, even if na jamb question,u pass jamb so you can pass it too.lol

    1. Hey dear, I don hear o. Like I promised ,expect it soon.

  2. Welcome back! I am a little late though! I am quite sensitive to criticism. Its one area of my life I definitely have to work on. Its funny I had made up my mind to criticize a friend I perceived was overly critical, now after reading the post I am taking a step back.

    1. Wow! am so happy that this post inspired you to have a rethink.I am sensitive to criticism too but I am also working on myself.
      Cheers girl!!!

  3. Your post really got me laughing and it is so on point. Most times, our unwillingness to accept criticism stems from pride in ourselves and our abilities. Too much pride is not good and it always turns around to bite us in unexpected places. It is best to be humble in your opinion of yourself first. Meanwhile it is also important to learn how to accept criticism bcos it should help you to become better at what you do. However, there's the type of criticism that only tatafos/haters give. For that type I recommend either ignoring them or pointing out their own faults to them. That should stop them right in their tracks...lol...Femmetotale says so!

    1. Ignoring the haters definitely works for me. I just allow them to talk to the air! *winks*