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I lost a dream,
and it  made me cry.
oh! what a wonderful dream,
but I never saw it happen.

I dreamt of a beautiful house,
with green meadows in its  surroundings.
Indeed a majestic house,
laced with marble stairs.

The path to the dream,I knew not
But someone said the guardian knows.
To the guardian I went,
to lead me to my desires.

Intriguing was a way to describe the guardian.
He led and I followed.
Through bumpy roads we trailed,
Shadowy lanes were our companion.

The guardian ,what a friend he was
Straight but kind,sturdy but loving
With him fears were allayed
Soon we would reach my dream.

Wait,where is the guardian going?
This can't be the way,no it can't be!
I whined and threw tantrums
One word from him ....trust me

Where is this place ?
I don't want to be here
But here you must stay...says the guardian
My world has crashed!

So dusty and cramped a place
My tears spilled out uncontrollably
This is not the house!
Alas! my dream is gone.

I am leaving..but my guardian says...wait.
His eyes are full of understanding
My heart believed his words,
and so I waited....

Turned the hut into something livable
At night,my tears ran for a lost dream.
Will I ever see my dream ?
Maybe its time for a goodbye.

Fate, they say must come to all
This is my fate
The house is not so bad
And so, I learned to love this new place.

My cows are milking
Plenty to eat and sell
Never has nature been so  beautiful
I love this place!

My chores became my joy
Each day became a pleasure
Wait! this can't be true
The guardian! Oh,the guardian!

Tears trickled down my face
Tears of joy
He was right after all
I just inherited a castle!

Who would believe this?
This hut was willed,
only to one who would patiently live there.
This is unbelievable.

I dreamt of a house,
but a castle I got.
I dreamt of marble stairs,
but I got stairs of gold!

I lost a dream,
and I really grieved for it .
But  I found a new one
A much more better dream.

From me

I hope you enjoyed the poem. It was born out of a personal experience which I had. A dream is something we hope to achieve. God is the guardian and we trust him to lead us to that dream. But most times, he does not work in ways we anticipate,he might take us through routes that are not too comfy. He might even ask us  to stay in a not too favorable place or condition. At this point we might think that our dream has died. 
But if we obey and trust him,we will soon discover that he has greater blessings in store for us.


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  1. love this post my sister.


  2. we might not get what we want, but God will give us what we need which will be infinitely better than what we thought we wanted..
    I loved this Tosin,welldone..

    1. He definitely knows what we need ,well said dear.

  3. Did you write this? nice

    1. Yes o,I wrote it with the lord's inspirationa. Thanks for dropping by dear.

  4. Its a really great poem and its honestly how the prophetic process with God is. Sometimes you have to fight so that dream will not die and believe that God will bring whatever he has said to pass

    1. Hey doc ,great to have you back. Its truly hard to trust God when the dream is dieing but if God has promised ,he will truly bring it to pass.

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  6. The poem and the meaning you shared inspire me. It spoke to me.

    1. hey dear, I am glad you were inspired . thanks for stopping by,really enjoyed your blog too. cheers