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Hi, the part 2 of Blame Game is finally here. If you missed the part 1,click the link below for it.

(Jehovah disengages  Tishe from him and sets her  on a chair. He goes to the kitchen to get her a glass of water)

Man:         Here,drink this.

Tishe :        (still sobbing) My life is in shambles!!!

Man :         Drink the water ( he insists), it will help you relax.

(Tishe drinks the water in-between sobs. She stops sobbing after a while and looks at him.)

Tishe :       (sighs) You are so stubborn,you still wouldn't leave.

Man :          Tishe dear, I do understand that you have gone through some terrible things but you also have a hand in your misfortunes.

Tishe:          What do you mean?(flares up violently),  did I kill my parents or did I ask to be raped. Didn't you know I was thrown out by my uncle's wife?

Man:           All those were not your doing but why did you take to prostitution?

Tishe:          What other choice have I got? Tell me? After I was kicked out,I slept on the streets for two days,cold and hungry.

Man:          I know but I protected you from being molested or mugged. Then I laid it on the heart of an old widow who was passing by to give you some money for food. I even prompted her to come to back and offer you shelter which she did.

Tishe:         (Hisses) You mean that poor old woman! For crying out loud, that woman had no money! She lived in a ram-shackled one-room apartment. If I had stayed longer with her,how would I have funded my education? All the connections that I have now,how would I have gotten them?

You said I was prostituting my body,Oh dear! you  made it sound so bad. All I did was play the smart girl, and fyi, I only slept around for six months. After I met Senator Mayowa, I decided I was only going to be sleeping with big boys who are well connected. So stop making it look like I slept with all the men in the world (Smirks).

Man:          Hmmm, "Smart girl", ( Shakes his head) . Tell me Tishe,how has all those profited you?

Tishe :        You are way out of vogue! ( She rises arrogantly from the chair) Take a good look around this mansion,it belongs to me. I have a Lexus jeep and a Honda Fit. In fact ,I plan to add a Ferrari to my fleet. I am the departmental head in my organisation. I vacation in Spain ,Italy, Greece, Hawaii and anywhere I wish.

Have you checked my closet? I have innumerable shoes,clothes, bags,jewelries  and accessories from topmost designers. To crown it ,I have an irresistible beauty which makes a man's head spin,even married men  to have ditched their wives for me.  ( She starts singing  "I got it all,I got it all, I am steaming hot,hot ,hot!).

Man:         Okay, you have got it all. If you are truly satisfied with your life,why do you want to commit suicide.

(Her shoulders slumped immediately, she sits abruptly on the chair and starts sobbing again.)

Tishe:        Nobody wants to marry me once they discover I have been promiscuous. But its not my fault, that I did all those things. In fact its your fault! Why didn't you stop me from doing such. Aren't you God who has the power to control all things?

Man:       Yes I am God and I have the power to control all things but I will never force my will or myself on you or anyone. I leave all humans to make their own choices. You asked why I didn't stop you, I couldn't because you had to make your choice but I did warn you.

Remember, the widow whom you stayed with for a while before you delved into prostitution,she came repeatedly to talk you out of it but you refused. On one occasion, you even asked your guard to drag her out.

Have you forgotten Chidinma,your course mate in school. She kept preaching to you,she even invited you to church on several occasions but you turned her down.

How about Adisa who always counselled you,she even took care of you when you were ill. You shut out her kindness and stole her fiance from her.

I have reached out to you through these people and many more ways, but you have always rejected me. Everyone in life will bear the consequences of their actions. "You cannot blame God for the actions of men".

(Tishe falls to the ground and starts crying uncontrollably)

Tishe:         I am sorry,am so sorry. Please help me...

Man:          All you have to do is accept my son (Jesus) into your life, I loved you so much that I allowed him to die for you.

Tishe:           Oh Jesus! I accept you as my Savior, please help me change ,I am so sorry for all I have done. ( Sobbing continues)

(Jehovah goes to her,gathers her into his arms and rocks her gently)

Man:        Its okay,everything is going to be fine.

Tishe looks down at her protruding belly and smiled. Jade her husband of five years will soon be back with their sons Bolu and Kunle. She thought of how Jades dots lovingly on her and the boys."How did I get so lucky",she said to herself.
Even though,she lost her connections when she declared as a Christian,she has never  felt happier.

She now spends her time helping abused and homeless girls. People who knew the old Tishe were amazed at the changes they saw in her. They often asked how she got transformed,she simply answered by saying"It all happened when Jehovah walked into my life".

Author's Note
I hope you all enjoyed Blame Game. Many of us are like Tishe in one way or the other. We blame God and other people for our misfortunes. While we cant help somethings, the truth is, most of our misfortunes are as a result of our past actions. I pray that we learn to take responsibility for our lives and clean up our acts. If you are not a Christian, the first step  is to  accept Christ into your life and he will help you through your life endeavors.

Kindly let me know your what you think about Blame Game and watch out for my next work of fiction..... Cheers!!

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  1. Most of us are guilty of this. Blaming God for our misfortunes even when we play a major role in it.
    God would never force His will on us, we seem to forget that.
    Lord help us!

    Great piece!

    1. Hey porsh,you are so right .Most times we play a major role in our misfortunes. May God truly help us. Thanks girl,good to have you stop over.

  2. wow great sister.
    p.s check your mail.


    1. Thanks a lot sis. Gmail must be playing some tricks on me ,have checked my mail but can't find your message. Anyways , I appreciate your support.

  3. Yes,Everything is gonna be alright when God steps in.
    Btw,I always admire people like you that write fiction,I av never tried/dont know hw I would do in it sef.
    Thumbs up dear.

    1. My home girl! Yes, with God ,all will be well. About the fiction thing, maybe you should give it a try,sometimes you can't easily tell you are gifted in an area unless you try it out. And also ask God for inspiration,this is what has sustained my writings. Cheers dear!

  4. So beautiful! I love this post! <3

    New Outfit Idea Post: Soft Torn Tones

    1. Hey D, thanks for the gracious comment. Much love

  5. Great and thought provoking post. It questions the world system of using stuff to validate oneself and equating stuff to happiness. Keep up the good work, when should we expect a full length novel? :)

    1. Thanks a lot doc, money and material stuffs can never give us lasting happiness.So true dear. About the full length novel, I have been procrastinating on it but right now, I am planning to work on it diligently.Let's keep our fingers crossed.

  6. Thanks for the tips.yeah,I wouldn't know if I don't try.
    Cheer,cheers,cheers!! *smiles*

  7. Such a great post and great writing..aren't we all just guilty of this?


  8. Simple and Short but Straight to the point (ooh mhen, I can rhyme ooh, #feeling myself lol) Well done Tosin, its all about what the maker feels, so no matter where we are in life, its not too late to go back home, just like the parable of the prodigal son. Thanx for the call to salvation too for those who are not saved, (you see you're winning souls too with your post, isn't that great) lol, its good to meet you.

    1. Oh Hannah! thanks a lot for those encouraging words. I am so very glad you found my blog. Much blessings dear!

  9. Oh Tosin,just came in to check on u,disappointment at no new post. I hope you are good dear? Compliments of the season,takecare of u and pls post na?? :D

    1. Hey dear, am so sorry I have not been posting. I have been caught up in a lot of things lately. Compliments of the season to you and wishing you a wonderful Xmas and glorious new year ahead.

  10. A very glorious ending....indeed!

    I know a lot of readers like this glorious ending. I know a lot of readers like this glorious ending. And its good to just fall in love with every aspect of it because it relates to your daily experiences. And while you are not Tishe and might not have done this and done that like she did, you do know what it is that knocks you down and brings you tears especially when you are alone. Like Tishe, you can just surrender. It is that easy. It is that easy. I say it again, it is this (holding up my ok fingers)....this easy.

    What you must avoid like a plague is the tendency to think that you will go do this and that before surrendering your life. You might not be a graced as Tishe was. I don't want to use the word 'lucky' here because and obviously, its more than been lucky. This kind of special providence where the person have a long time for repentance is not an everyday affair. For some, like the thieves on the cross with Jesus, only one of them was able to tap into the grace and see Jesus for who He truly is. A Savior.

    And though it is written, the gift and callings of God are without repentance, it is not referring to God but referring to you and I. You must know that as much as God is willing to give you a new lease of life and pardon the old sinful wayward past, all you really have is NOW. This moment that you are reading this, this moment that I am sharing this with you might be like the story, the old woman reaching out to you with God's love. You have to take it, own it and make it all yours.....and it will be yours. It is important for you to make this change. It is important for your children too. From what i know and believe, children with parents who are believe have less battle to fight because by the time they reach that age, all your prayers and righteous deeds will come up as a memorial before God. God said, the righteous will not be forsaken, and their children will not beg for bread (food). So do it for the love of your children.

    I blessed God for the inspiration given the author to share this truth with all of us in such a dramatics. May the good Lord continue to inspire you and help you to become a shinning example. And I pray that you will not miss it. God Bless your family and all your endeavours.


    1. Hey anonymous, that's one beautiful and insightful analysis there. Thanks a lot. cheers