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Hallo, I am so sorry I went AWOL for a long time. I have really had so much on my hands lately. Hope  you all had a fantastic Xmas. Sorry my xmas greetings is coming late. I like to acknowledge my blogger sisters,  Frances on and Uchenna on These ladies made me blush by specially sending me xmas wishes. I am so honored .This is also wishing my co-bloggers and readers  a wonderful xmas and a prosperous new year in advance.

Part of what kept me busy was the preparations for children church xmas party. Below is a picture of the children ballet group.

Aren,t we cute??? winks

Now back to my topic. Jesus, a market mover. Its sounds weird abi? just ride with me and you all understand what I mean.

My younger sister started the word "market mover". She uses it to describe anything that sells well. We often joke around saying that musicians sing mostly love songs because love songs sell like wildfire. hence ,love songs are market movers. Hope you get the point now. So,how come Jesus is on sale?

The Word for today,  24th December 2013 issues wrote  " Thirty percent of all retail sales in department stores take place over the Christmas-time holidays. Fifty percent of all parties are held during Christmas and New Year. One out of every ten litres of alcohol is sold then too. Clearly, Jesus is good for business"
Do you know now understand why I call Jesus a market mover. 

The word for today goes further to stress that we have forgotten the true essence of Xmas -- which is the the birth of a savior who came to save sinners. Instead we have commercialized Xmas. While Xmas is a time to celebrate the good news that God has provided a way out  of damnation for humans,it is also a time of deep reflection on how we have lived our lives. Are we doing God proud for the sacrifice he made for us' more than 2000 years  ago?are we sharing this good news with others who have not heard it?  are seizing this opportunity to share our possessions with the less privileged or is xmas just a fun fare for us.

As we celebrate this season, be reminded that salvation of souls is the reason why Christ came,let us also teach this truth to our children as most children do not know the true essence of Christmas ,all they know is the merriment part of Xmas.

Since I drew my inspiration for the word of today, I also like to close with the concluding paragraph of the aforementioned issue and it states "Instead of ending this Christmas exhausted, disappointed, and in debt, invite Jesus into your life. You may be looking back with regret on some bad decisions you've made this year, but making Jesus your Lord and Savior this Christmas is the best decision you'll ever make".

Look forward to a wonderful 2014

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  1. awwwwww you just made me feel special.
    thanks dear for reminding us that Jesus is the whole reason for this chaos during this season.
    you look fabulous and i also look forward to 2014.
    *hugs and kisses*

  2. Yay!! Welcome back Tosin!
    And awww,the kids look sooo cute and you too! You look fab! In fact,I saved this pic on my phone,lovely smile,cheers indeed to a blessed 2014!

    1. yes o! its so good to be back, Ow have been dear? Blushing @ the picture thing.much love.

  3. Thanks for the reminder dear...u look good
    We all will have a wonderful 2014 filled with testimonies

    Compliments dear

    1. You are welcome, We all need reminders about the basic things in life. Thanks for stopping over. Gracias!!!

  4. As beautiful as you abi.....thank you darling,...I'm grateful to God for Jesus. Have a glorious end of the year and an awesome new year. God bless you

    1. Hey hannah, I am so blushing. yes ,I am also grateful for Christ,without him our hopes are shattered. Much love.

  5. girl America has commercialized this holiday like for real. I have also bought into it. I was going to blog about sales in express and h and m that have leveled my account. I made up my mind to teach my kids the true essence of Christmas during the season so they don't get sold into the gifts and food, which is how we have cheapened the holiday.

    1. Hmmm, its not only America who suffers the syndrome,its also affecting Nigerians and the rest of the world. Like you have decided, it will do a whole lot good if we all decide against the odds to teach our children the basic truth about Xmas. Thanks doc, its always good to have you drop by. Much love.

  6. Said another shout out to you on my blog and used this lovely pic of you I stole also *smiles*
    And cheers to a mega great,uberawesome 2014!