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 Tishe is a beautiful Nigerian lady,she had a good job,a nicely furnished house and two latest cars. She had everything .....almost everything going on for her. You could call her the envy of ladies, but she isn't feeling lucky today. Recently, Gbola her fiance, broke off their engagement after discovering about her sordid past.As a matter of fact, this is the third  time she is having her engagement annulled.

Depressed and dejected,she decided to commit suicide. She headed towards the drugstore to buy some pills.She planned to take an overdose of this when she gets home. Back at home,she placed the medicine bottle on a shelf and went to the kitchen to get a cup of water. She brought the water to the living room and she put it on the table below the shelf. Afterwards, she sat on  a recliner and thought about how she had lived her life,she contemplated leaving a suicide note but then she decided against it. She took a long last look at her living room, "I would really miss this house" ,she thought to herself.  She got up and went to the shelf where she kept the pills. As she reached up to collect the medicine bottle,she mistakenly knocked of the cup of water. Shit! she said.

She decided to get another cup of water when she heard a knock on her door

Tishe:    Who the hell is it? ( she yells)

(Knocking continues, so she goes to the door. The man at the door push past her and enters the house.)

Tishe:     Who are you? Have you no manners? Is how you barge into people's house?

Man:      I am so sorry to behave like that but I needed to talk to you urgently.

Tishe:    (smirks) OK..but who are you?

Man:     I am Jehovah and I have come to help you.

Tishe:    Did you say help! (laughs sarcastically) Mr,do I look like I am needy (pauses). Wait a minute! did   you just call yourself Jehovah,you must be the one the Christians call God.

Man:      Yes I am

Tishe:     Hmmm,  (rolls her eyes) I see,so you came by to tell me that I would be used as firewood in hell   because I plan to kill myself. Or isn't that what you do,throw people into hell?

Man:       I came here because I care about you.

Tishe:      Hahaha! Care! this is hilarious .You don't care a bit, infact nobody cares.

Man:        But I do and I love you.

Tishe:      Look here dude, I am not doing guys right now,I lost interest a longtime.I just wanna dieeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Man:         I am not talking about sleeping with you. I have something better in mind for you. I really do love you Tishe.

Tishe:       Enough! I heard enough of that crap,I can see you are very crazy! Love fire!

(Jehovah starts to say something but she cuts him of) If you really love me like claim,why did you let my mother die? (she increases her enraged tone) .You weren't content with my mother's death so you also allowed my father to die too. Then I had to go and live with that miserable good for nothing uncle ,who abused me sexually over and over again. His stupid wife kicked me out when she found out. 
Tell me Jehovah or whatever you call yourself,were you blind when all these were happening? eh! Answer me!

Man:         I am so sorry you had to go through all that, I really am. Please let me help you.

Tishe:       Get out! (she screams) I say get outttt!!!. (she rushes at him and pounds him with her fists)

To be continued.....................

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  1. Nice one...... suspense is good for the mind so we keep longing for more!

    1. Thanks Dapo,really appreciate you stopping by.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog cos now I've found yours :)! Really loving you blog!

    Just wondering why you don't have a Google friends connect widget so i can follow your blog and get updates on my blogger dashboard. (i can only see bloglovin which requires facebook and email options)

    1. Hi cee,thanks so much for coming around .about the google friends connect widget,will work on it,thanks for pointing that out. cheers!

  3. Waiting on God to see the realities of a particular hope and expectations can be very tasking....almost depressing without the very grace from God to help one cope. And like the children of Israel, waiting for a deliverance from captivity as such as they were in Egypt and now hearing that a fugitive-slave-raise-in-the-palace as Moses was, or the son of a carpenter as Jesus is the deliverer can make one doubt the providence of a freedom....even from sin, bongade, slavery and what have you.

    But the Almighty God is not slow nor slack at doing the things that only Him can do.

    I think any man or woman should just at the sound of a help, breakthrough, freedom, support, providence, and answer to prayers especially when its been long that you are desiring such.

    Its like been at a bus stop too long and then trying to be too choosy. Yet, its good to make a wise desicion and choose right....but there is a point in the exercise of the sense of knowing that God gave us, when the answer to question or solution to a need can be discerned without well.

    My own golden rule here is an amplification of the Bible admonition....there is time for everything.......it is left to you to know that there is never the same time twice.

    1. " God is not slow nor slack at doing the things that only Him can do. " very true. thanks for sharing your thoughts

  4. Ultimately, you have to know that you cannot see in the storm. Thats why God asked you to walk by faith. God lives in the storm baby! You cannot equate the presence of trouble with the absence of God. God is the present help in trouble. Tishe needs to know that the water she is passing through is the very flood and trouble design by God himself to bring about the answering of an accumulated blessings. God therefore is the storm, the flood, the trouble....and He is the ship you need to get to safety. Tishe baby, dont crash midway!

    When the storm, flood, dark clouds and all the troubles settles.....faith will make you see God has done much more than you can think or imagine.

    1. Hey anonymous, Tishe is not a baby o! She is a chic! just kidding. Thanks for coming by. Much blessings.

  5. sis am seriously waiting for part 2.
    great post!!!!!!!!!


    1. hey sis ,am glad you enjoyed it,part 2 is coming soon. keep your fingers crossed. love

  6. great post, it kept me interested till the end.

    1. Hey doc, how is it going, am so glad you came by . Cheers!

  7. Nice!
    Running to read the 2nd part!