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I was recently assigned to teach eleven year-olds in children church. I am actually not used to teaching Sunday-school to pre-teens, I an so used to younger children,so I prayed for help.

We kicked off the service with a game that I  titled "before and after/ bible drill" ( If  you need details of this game,you can contact me later .It is a great way of engaging children in Sunday school/bible study). Moving on.
I told the kids that the purpose of the game was to test their knowledge of the bible. As the game wore on, I discovered that the children were weak when it came to reciting bible verses offhand. We finished the game and moved on to some other things.

Later, I switched  to discussing some circular issues relating to what they watch on TV and stuffs going on around them. I was amazed at how much they watched music,TV programs and movies. They knew almost every award show going on right now,I mean the golden globes,headies and Grammy etc. They could even name  a number of artistes. They knew the latest songs and music channels both on cable and national TV. By now, I can imagine some of my readers shaking their heads.  Dear reader, its not only you who is flabbergasted ,I was also taken aback when I was hearing it but most of all, I was sad. ( Will probably explain why in another post).

In the midst of all this,I decided to ask them a  question. Then I asked "how did you come to know all these?" Silence dominated the class for a while before someone answered and said " its because we paid attention to it".  The answer was like a bomb dropped on them. I proceeded to tell them that  things they spend more time with , would surely stick to their memory. If they read their bible consistently, it would become a part of them  and they would be able to recite offhand. Putting it in a better way,when they need the word of God to deal with life issues,the holy spirit will remind them of what they have learnt.
While i am not against watching TV,I also told them that knowing the latest songs,movies and artistes doesn't hold any eternal profit for them but knowing the word of God profits them in this world and eternally. Bottom line, spend less time with TV and more time with your bible and other important things.

This analogy brings me back to you and me. How much time do we spend on mundane things instead of spending it on things that are more profitable? A student needs to be diligent in studying his books before he can excel. A person who desires a better relationship with God must be ready to study the bible amongst other things and it must be done consistently. if you have a talent,you must develop and use it over and over till you become a master at it. This list  just goes on. The truth is, change won't just happen,you have got to start doing the necessary things repeatedly till it happens, even when you start seeing changes you still have to continue doing those things.
Remember how you learnt ABC in nursery school,just by repeating the alphabets on and on? And now you came recite A-Z offhand as if its the easiest thing in the world. The same goes for perfecting things in life,you have to keep doing or learning things over and over again.

Oh  dear! I am so sorry. This is such a long post,what happened to me? I don't do long posts, I prefer short and straight to the point,my blogger friends know that. Anyway I am promising that I would never ever eveeeeer do long post again! only if need be just like this one .*winks*

Wonderful weekend y'all

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  1. apologise not Tosin, this post spoke to me.thank you.

  2. Lool! Stop apologizing joor! The post wasn't that long plus it was profound and interesting :)!

    Oh BTW, Please I want more info on the 'before n after d bible drill game'.

    1. Cee,Cee.Thanks for the comment darling. On the game thing, I will just email it to you.

  3. Beautiful piece. Your analogy is very true. The things we spend our time on the most are the things that stick to our memories. The easiest way to know this is that when you listen to worldly music for long it tends to automatically stick to your mind but if you spend all that time listening to gospel music then u won't even know the worldly ones. Great job u're doing with the kids. I believe God's rewards for ppl that teach kids shld be higher...

  4. Ah femmetotale, bluishing at the rewards thing o!So good to have you come around. thanks.

  5. Wow, pls ooh like Frances said, apoligize not ooh. This post spoke to me in a very straightforward way, it was as if God was talking to me directly. I'm glad you wrote it up to that analogy part.
    Thanx Tosin.....we want more