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Hi people! hope you are doing good. Its been an awful longtime on this blog. Firstly, my gadgets broke down simultaneously, one after the other , and then life happened ( got caught up with so many stuffs). Not an excuse though. Well its good to be back.

Couple of years ago, the hit movie "High school musical" took the teen and children entertainment world by storm. I wasn't a teenager then but I watched the movie back to back! Lol.

Seriously , with a crazy world of financial pressures, family issues and economic downturn, its hard to keep one's head in the game and focus on purpose. Yea, the word FOCUS, that's what I want to talk about today.

I was in a bus going home from work one day and there was so much traffic. It was so much that it looked like it would not end. If one of my friends was to be there she would have said " This traffic is caused by witchcraft " .lol.
Seriously, It was horrible. As usual, people began speculating on what could have been the cause of the hold-up. Some said it was the on-going construction( there's truly an on-going work in the area, but common do they also work at night???). Others said the road had been blocked. Lots of different info kept circulating. Some even got off the bus I was in and decided to trek or take alternative route/ means. Some drivers just gave up and turned back. The whole thing was very crazy and frustrating. But, the driver of my bus pressed on, so I decided to stay.

The journey progressed at snail speed but the driver continued. To my amazement, when we got to the construction site , there was nothing there, all the rumours were so untrue!!

Then it dawned on me that we need to be focused and press on to achieve our purpose.
On our way to fulfillment of dream/goal, there will be distractions, obstacles, delays and discouragements. Sometimes, we may be tempted to turn back and abandon the goal. But if we do not give up and keep our head in the game, we will reach our destination.

Be encouraged folks and keep your head in the game!


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