Who Moved Her Voice?

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I know this dear person who, while growing up , was very shy.  In fact, I can say that she is an introvert. 

But now, If you meet Rida , you would never believe any of what I just said about her. 

I recently attended a workshop with her and witnessed a completely different Rida. She literally threw herself into it. She was visible; interacted with people and contributing.    

From  the various feedbacks,  it seemed Rida made  a big impression on the minds of the attendees and her facilitators. I think so too. 

Knowing Rida, I could not help but marvel at this new personality emerging out of her. Maybe, I should have even tagged this piece “How Rida  got her voice”. 

Yours truly decided to probe in to this. Rida disclosed that she actually loved seminars and workshops all this while.  But she wasn't able to share her opinions because she was very shy.  She also believed that she missed out on  lots of opportunities,because she could not  socialise. 

So what did she do about it? She  put herself situations where she had to contribute. It was terrible at first. In her own words, she said "It would seem like my heart would jump out of my mouth. I was so petrified.
Still, I kept reading about public speaking and jumped at every opportunity to practice it". I also read wide on interpersonal skills. "

The big break came when she joined a creative non-profit organisation. There, she  met a couple of friends who encouraged her creativity and gave her opportunities to share her ideas on big platforms.

With all these was going on, a strong personality was being developed. Rida can  now talk /socialize so well that noone  will believe she was ever shy. Was  she  ever  an introvert? Or she was just waiting to find her  own voice?  Which ever way you want to see it, I think Rida's story,  is one full of inspiration. I hope it inspires to you to rise to your full potential. 


Photo Credit:freepix. com

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