Men of virtue... Are they all extinct?

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This post dropped into my heart with much soberness, as I had a chat with the girls during a downtime.

We got talking about a woman who suffered with her hubs , built a life with him but had no children. Then her hubs went out and had children by other women. She in turn, began retaliating by doing lots of evil I heard.

Looking deep into the conversation, I admitted that no woman wants a rival. But once a misdeed is done , it is done. If that woman doesn't take grace to forgive her husband, she would commit lots of atrocities and in the process offend God.

Before I knew it , the conversation drifted to the cheating attitude of men. A colleague then made a statement that sounds like "all men were created to cheat. It's in their nature... Even the Christian ones".

Then I began to ponder on these words. We have been plagued some much with infidelity from men , and it seems like there are no men of virtue again .

In all sincerity, I think this statement is half true. Even christian men are heavily involved in infidelity. But I do not believe this is the will of God for men.

Almost everywhere, we see men , single and married, church goers, church workers as well pastor's committing sexual immorality.

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Christian brothers are convincing their fiancee to engage in premarital sex, pastors trying to have sex with members.

I had a personal experience with a married church brother. At that time, his wife's shop was opposite my mum's shop. Ironically, I was so friendly and quite close to the wife. This man would leave his wife's shop, possibly pretending to buy something from our place and he would be asking me out. I was not even 18 at that time!!!

My colleague told me of a pastor in school ( he was married). He preached often against girls following married men. The same pastor would ask her out and invite her to the hotel.

All this story breaks my heart because people have no faith in men again. Wives now see it as a norm , young girls expect it in marriage , even parents excuse it away by saying " men will always be men".

Then I ask this question? Where are the mighty men of virtue. Are there no men who hold the word of God in high esteem. I sincerely believe that there are still chaste men and those who are still faithful to their wives . When Elijah lamented to God about being the only servant left . God told him that I have 7,000 men who have not bowed their knees to Baal.

Men of virtues, it is time to rise up and speak against immorality. Teach and show this generation and the next , that God demands that men be holy in body and spirit. It is not a norm to be slutty. The lord forbids immorality for both males and females.

Peace people!!

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  1. Just thinking babe, if you can make this into a series? From married men who are faithful to their wives.. your hubby, his friends, pastor, etc. Just real testimonies to help change people's mentality about this issue.

    Bless you girl.

    1. Babes! I must confess that I am stunned at your swift response. Thanks girl,the Lord will honor you. And yes I am really thinking about your suggestion,thanks for that too
      This is what happens when you move with women of God ,God uses them to open your eyes to new things. *hugs*

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  2. The bible passage you quoted about Elijah was right on. It's just the devil and the world that keeps spreading his message. Of course the media and other sources won't want to glorify men who don't cheat. And so because they're not talked about, there's an assumption that it's like that. And this is what happens when the bible asks us to renew our mind. We are no longer thinking as the world does. We know that they exist and we will keep praying for those that have chosen to be a living sacrifice unto God. And so I don't believe all men cheat. There are men who still fear God. Beautiful post.

    1. I agree with with you and I believe there is a remnant. God bless you Itunu. I did enjoy your blog too.

  3. Secondly I think it also takes knowing God to a deeper level. When a man learns to build intimacy with God, he knows that Gods word will not depart from his heart. And so that's why it's always good to be led by the Spirit. When we choose not to be led, the flesh takes over and it becomes another story

    1. Awwh! You came back, that's sweet. We are indeed in great danger if we do not listen to the dear Holyspirit.Amazing contribution!!!

    2. Awwh! You came back, that's sweet. We are indeed in great danger if we do not listen to the dear Holyspirit.Amazing contribution!!!