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Happy Va-lan-tyne(lol) peeps! Yup! It's val's day, so much red and white around. Though it's is a Sunday but some peeps got plans to paint the town red after service . Others got plans to just stay home like me and hubs, while some plan to be a church warden today so that they can avoid taking their babes out.

Babe! If your dude does this then it time to get on the running tracks. On your mark ,get set, RUNNN!!!! That boo of yours is worse than Ebenezer Scrooge. Lol..

Girls often demand lots of things for val's. From flowers to cakes, chocolates, biscuits, fun outings , perfumes and the list goes on. I found myself thinking what do I really want at thus time. I sincerely can't pinpoint one.

Some ladies and even wives hit the roof when their boyfriend / husband doesn't do anything special for them in vals day . This ought not be so. In fact some guys break up with their girls say, ending of January so as to not spend on val's day.

This brings to my real purpose of writing. Is valentine's day, the only day to celebrate and show love. No its not. In my opinion ,valentine celebration nowadays is associated with lots of vices such as, fornication, adultery, drunkenness, drug abuse etc. Underage teens sneaking out for outings, people hooking up for a one night stand to mention a few.

While lots of people use this opportunity to commit atrocities , there are still people who use it to show genuine love . These guys visit orphanages, remand homes, prisons with food and lots of gifts and also give words of encouragement to these children and inmates. Some also use it as an opportunity for family bonding, they have special dinner with family and friends, exchange gifts and share good times together (oyinbo things? not really, Nigerian's do it too). It can also a time for genuine couples ( married or single) to enjoy an date together.

I don't really fancy telling the history of valentine as there many versions and angles from which its argued . So am not for it or against it .
But if you decide to celebrate it , please cut out the vices

The word LOVE today has been confused for attraction , infatuation, pity and lust. Love is often depicted in movies as two adults (unmarried ) or teenagers tearing out each other's clothes just to have sex. Guys be like to their girls "if you love me you will let me sleep with you". What about a guy doing something evil just to please the girl all in the name of LOVE. These are just the devil's ways of camouflaging love and turning our face from the creator of love... God

God loves me and you ,that's why he sent Jesus to die for us. Babes, he did what all your boos can never do for you... That's is DIE for you. Your bae or boo may leave you in the toughest times but God will never leave you.

Showing love didn't start with valentine, it started with God, he is the author of love. You cannot love truly or genuinely if you don't have a relationship with him. Humans are naturally selfish and as of such, we often do things to promote our self interest and hurt others as well. That's why there are lots of loveless marriages and self-oriented relationships out there . Understanding the true meaning of love is accepting Jesus into one's life and allowing him to renew our hearts and minds so that we will begin to live a love- filled life.

Peace people and have a Godilicious week

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