Tuesday's thoughts..Lessons from King Solomon

1:17 pm Tosin Eyebiokin-Olugbade 3 Comments

Hi people, happy new month. Welcome you all to a Godilicious February. Stumbled on this piece ,which I wrote sometime last year and decided to share it here. Enjoy peeps.

If the story of Solomon were to be made into a movie today,I guessed it would be titled. "Fall from grace".

From a young wise lad who feared God to an idolatrous old man totally consumed with lust for much women. How did he get there you might ask, the answer is not far fetched. He strayed away from God's instruction 1kings 11:1-3
Probably, he also got carried away with the wisdom he had and he became careless.

If Solomon lived in the modern times,he would be a fire brand Christian turned apostate.Wow! That's a lot to swallow.

It also strikes me that all these didn't happen to while he was young but it happened after he had known God. And God had even appeared to him twice.1kings 3:5-14, 1Kings 9:1-9
Little wonder the bible says that he thinks he stand,let him take heed lest he falls.

Matthew Henry commentary says "Those who are so zealous and have made great professions for Christ must be very careful. Because the devil is set more violently on destroying them, for if they fall, their fall would be greater ( Paraphrased)

This is a word and warning for Christians ,let us be careful , watchful and continually ask for grace and help of the holy spirit. It just a thin line between Godful and Godlessness. May the lord help and strengthen us in Jesus name

Godilicious day peeps!

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  1. Wonderful thoughts and many thanks for sharing. Warm greetings!