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Hi guys! wanted to do this post for a while. Thank God I am finally doing it. How is your week going people ? Hope you are having a Godilicious time. Haha! Godilicious! will give you the story behind the word later.

Onto the next one! There is this construction going on in Ogun state around Ojodu/ Yakoyo, the project was kicked off swiftly but was abandoned by the government before 2015 elections and even after the elections.

Then work started again. At first, everyone was skeptical because, unlike before , there were just few workers working on the road. But then, I remember passing there a few days ago and I noticed how much they had progressed.
Then my brother-in-law's pm on WhatsApp came to mind, his personal message reads.... Gradually but surely!

I began to ponder on the reality of these words in real life. There is an adage that says a little drop if water makes a mighty ocean. Also repeated actions lead to a habit. This is not far fetched from the truth.

So how does this apply to real life. Let's say for instance, one of my goals this year is to lose some weight before June. Then I start exercising , eating right and cutting off junks. I might not start seeing results immediately, the scale might even be bulging, but if I keep keeping on (persisting), I will definitely lose that weight.

What about our finances? cutting back on excesses daily and putting away something to save every month or week really goes a long way . Sincerely, most Nigerians live beyond their budget, little wonder we live from paycheck to paycheck. Its a new year, if we must make a headway financially this year, then we need to develop good financial habits. There is this popular saying that says "People buy things they don't need, with the money they don't have, to impress people who don't like them!" *Chuckles* Guys its time for a change.

This principles can also apply to all areas of life , be it spiritual growth, finances , health , relationships. If we propose to take one right step towards these areas daily, we might not see results immediately but gradually we would begin to see improvement.

I am persuaded that God gave us the gift of persistence so that barriers can be broken. I am also convinced that no problem can withstand the power of persistence mostly when coupled with faith in God.

Life is full of challenges. But Guys, don't run away from those challenges, face it heads on. With faith in God, no challenge is insurmountable

Have a Godilicious day!

PS: I think this one post I have done with so many pictures .lol

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