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On Saturday morning as I was doing my chores, I decided to put on the the TV for company . The channel was on AIT. It was some ICT news that was going on initially, then it changed to a gospel program.
Pastor Paul of Dunamis gospel Intl centre was the one preaching .

One word from the him, stopped me and shook me to the bones . He said "you would really blame yourself, if you followed Jesus here on earth and still find your self in hell."
Oh my! You need to see my face.
How does a Christian come to church , declare as Christian and still go to hell? Its simple . They continue in sin on purpose. That is, living / talking in an ungodly way etc.

Its truly a waste if one follows Jesus here and still end in flames. This is a wake up call for Christians. Serve God with your everything. Don't just be a Christian by Church going or by mouth. Be a Christian in words thoughts, deeds. Be completely sold to God

Pastor Paul went further to mention some things that happen to you, when you are truly transformed by Christ.

1) Change in lifestyle and habits
2) Change in apperance.

On point 1, I sincerely agree. If people can't say that your life has changed for good, then your life is not really transformed by Christ.
He gave an example of clocking in at the place of work. When Non Christians get to work late,Say 9am, they write 7:45am in the register. Its sad that even Christians do it .
What about cheating in the examination halls, lying to get contracts etc. If so-called Christians continue to live the lifestyle of an unbeliever , they will not make heaven.

On point 2, he said that there is a godly look and also an ungodly look. There is something called the appearance of an harlot.

He said that the appearance of an harlot is an appearance that markets the flesh as a commodity. The tight clothes, the plunging neckline, revealing outfits and outrageous dressing. In our pop culture of leggings and skinny jeans , pencil skirts, mini gowns/ skirts, clinging dresses, even Christians are guilty , so am I . We even wear them to church! I am not condemning anyone, I just think its hi-time we sit up so we can make heaven .
Let's dress modestly and appropriately.

You might want to check out Pastor Paul's webpage here
This particular program airs between 8am - 9am or 8:30am - 9am.( I am not sure when it started but I know it ended 9am). And of course , its on a Saturday.

Am not much for marketing churches. Infact, I just got to know about the church that day. But if I get good stuff from a place, I think its worth sharing.


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