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Am sexy and I know it!.....Does that cliché sound familiar? Am sure it does. We live in a highly sexualized society. Everyone is so aware if their sexiness. We all want to look hot and sexy.
I got this off a friends dp and I thought to my self "Tosin you should should write about this."

According to this pix, if you were plus size several years ago, you will be considered as sexy. But today, you have to be super slim ...like Barbie doll, and still have the right curves in the right places....now that's something interesting to think of.

Unfortunately, it is also something to be worried about. Women are going through extreme means just to look hot. Those means include going under the knife (cosmetic surgery ), excessive waist training and extreme dieting to mention a few.

Don't get me wrong, I like to look good. I also believe in weight management. Besides, if you are fit and healthy, you will definitely look good. But when it gets to an obsessive state, then its time to draw the line . The society we live in right now, is totally obsessed with looks.
And no one is free from the weight loss rave.
Plus size women have complex because they think they are not so beautiful.
People of larger sizes are been teased mercilessly by peers, families, friend and even the media.
Young girls think they have to be a beauty queen to get a real man.
Husbands want wives to look like the leggy 18 year old on the front page of Cosmo. Even though the woman has had five children for him, she is still expected to look like a cover page model. Forgetting that it took several childbirths, for a woman's body to get there.
Lots of men treat their wives with contempt just because she is fat/ overweight.
In the entertainment world, you have to look hot regardless of your talents. More so, you only have two options in the industry. You either lose the weight fast or you enjoy hot criticism on how you look.

We are loosing values too fast. Things that shouldn't matter are now our priorities.
We are all about looks. In fact,
good looks is an idol that is widely worshipped today.....Selah

One Question? Who should really decide rules for looking good. You or the world system.
Well, I like to let you know the the world system is unreliable, fickle, and can change anytime.
The only way to decide rules that should govern our lives is through unchanging word of God.

Consider this verses below and meditate on it;

We have forgotten the person of the heart which ultimately maftters to God.
It takes more than a hot body to be a good woman , wife, and a good mother.

Looking good is definitely good business. But, it becomes bad business, when its obsessive , unhealthy, and judgmental.

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