My Birthday Story

9:50 pm Tosin Eyebiokin-Olugbade 2 Comments

Only God knows what got into me to write this. Some say when you get intellectually high, creativity is born. I definitely assure you, that no drugs were involved it was pure joy.

On my birthday, pops woke me up with a phone call, and doused me and hubs with loads of prayers.
Thank God for praying parents. If you have one you have got a treasure. If you haven't got one, become one and be a treasure to your children . Popsi of life! I love ya!!! Guess you can't say that to African parents. Just skip the first part and say "I love you", and don't forget to say it in English. It kinda sounds awkward in Yoruba or is it just me. lol

Moving would think with early morning blessings, I would start out on the right foot. But Nah! I didn't. My evil side kinda poped up, I got into trouble with someone very dear to me. Definitely not hubs, but someone very awesome. Thankfully,we made up. Our short lived clash got me thinking on how birthdays should be celebrated.
Should it be a time of reflection or time of gyration and celebration.

With my serious face, I stated pondering over my life. Good lord! I am getting older.

I don't have wrinkles yet, but I am not sixteen again like last year....erm , don't look shocked I wasn't actually sixteen last year. Lolz
But, I will surely start having wrinkles someday and won't really be a pretty face again. At least, think I am a pretty face. ( Chuckles)
I thought to myself , when I am leaving this world I want to be assured that I have known the truth and lived the truth. I don't want to regret not doing the right things or making the right decisions. It would be a shame if I never learnt from my mistakes ,never made brave decisions because of cowardice.
I want to have lived the life and left no stone unturned. I don't mean doing drugs, booze, stripping poles, doing all sorts of crazy stuffs. I simply mean I want have fulfilled before hitching the death ride. I want to be like paul, who said "I have fought a food fight."
That's how I want to end. And thus, my reflections showed me things I need to do and not do. And also the things I need to keep doing, so I can end well
Man's days are fleeting and it soon passes away. Like flower that blossoms and withers, so are the days of our life. It's so easy to be carried away with everything going on and lose sight of God and our purpose.

Ok! so you would think I reflected all through the day. Nah! I didn't not. Hubs, been the one with pleasant surprises popped up his surprise and I was like yaay me! Its time to giddy up. So we partied in our own way . oh dear! I even abandoned my diet. No thanks to those sumptuous meals, I now have some extra pounds to deal with. Not to worry Sergeant Green tea to the rescue!

Ahh! This post is getting do long and I am getting tired. Why don't I have voice typing app ? Even Google voice app seem to understand our English at all. Nawa oh! If this app can't understand Lagos accent, then how will it understand pidgin? Smmh*
Somebody please pass the word to app developers. I was thinking by now the app should be able to understand Ijebu and also type it.lolz
I guess I'll be rounding up now (News flash).
It will be terrible if I end this post without acknowledging those who sent me heartfelt wishes. My family, My sweet in-laws ( they were really sweet), My church fam ( most especially my fellow teachers ). Old school mates, blogger friends,Facebook friends, longtime friends. Its so good to have awesome friends around you. I really felt like a princess even though my father is like 10th in line to throne in my village. Lwkmd.
Thank you all.

One more thought; this post was scheduled for my birthday, why wait till today before posting? Should I continue? Kai! you too like gist.
Peace people!

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  1. Happy birthday in arrears babes! Of course greater lies ahead!
    Follow up on plans made from ur reflection and of course, God's grace is always available.

    And ah, I was expecting you to put up picture of yourself oh

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