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Tale laid down on her bed as she as sobbed uncontrollably
"Oh God! Oh God! Please forgive me , forgive meeee."
"How did this happen", she thought to herself. Her life had been fairly interesting in the past four months as she was been courted by three young men.
Uche, she liked least of them. He wasn't six feet tall, he was kind of handsome but not like Reynolds and Alvin. He didn't even have a car and for heaven's sake he just got a job in a private firm.
Alvin was the most good looking of them. He didn't have a car too, but at least he could borrow his brother's anytime he needed to take her out. Besides, he works in a multinational company and he talked about getting a brand new car before the year runs out. He even asked Tale the kind of car she preferred. Not to mention the fact that, he had a height of a basketball player, and a smile that could melt a woman's heart. "Oh dear!" She sighed.
Reynolds was also handsome but not as Alvin. He isn't so tall, but he is considerably taller than she is. And he was rich, so terribly rich. With a house in Lekki, three latest cars, a power bike and flourishing businesses to mention more. He had swept her off her feet with gifts, exquisite dinners and shopping sprees. She was even starting to dream of a life with him.
"Oh God! I can't believe this. What have I done? I am so ashamed of myself" she wailed, as she continued sobbing.

Tanya waited at the welfare stand as she scanned the dispersing congregation for her friend. She had been so worried since she got the text from her friend yesterday .
She was getting ready for bed at 11:30 pm when her phone buzzed with an incoming text. She saw it was from Tale and quickly opened it.
" I need to see you unfailingly tomorrow", the message said.
Fear and anxiety gripped Tanya at the same time. " What could be wrong with Tale" she asked herself. Oh God! please help my friend , please don't let any harm come to her.
Tanya was jolted back to present as someone tapped her in greeting.
Finally, she saw Tale working towards her. Something must be really wrong, Tale is not looking her normal cheerful self. Tanya muttered to herself.
As She waited for more crowd to thaw, Tanya discovered Tale was not alone.
"Kai Tale!" she said to herself, "who be this again o! Tale and all this boys.Hmm"
Finally, Tale located her friend at their usual spot. The two friends hugged each other in greeting.
"Tanya this is Uche from the youth group. Uche this is my friend Tanya".
"Nice to meet you".
"same here". They said as they exchanged pleasantries.
"Ladies I'll be on my way", Uche said as he left the girls.
"Hmm, Tale! Tale! So that's your Ibo dude".
"Ehenhen! Tanya please, he is not my dude" Tale retorted sharply. "But I told you all about him. We just gist and talk. I already told you he is not my kind of guy".
"But he keeps inviting your for outings".
"And I am always turning them down".
"He looks like a calm guy, why do you hate him so much"
"I already told you. He is not my type. I don't blame you Tanya you already have a fiancé so you don't know how rigorous it is to find a perfect man".
"Haha!" Tanya laughed.
"A perfect man, does he even exist?"
"Yes o! I want a perfect man and I will get it".
"Then maybe you consider marrying Jesus!"
"Jesus ke! Which kain person u be Tanya? why are you being troublesome. She said as both friends laughed.
"But you wanted a perfect man. Look, we are all imperfect and as Christians we strive for perfection as we live out God's word daily".
"Egbele o! Here we go again. Pastor Tanya, I have enough preaching today, I don't think I need extra. Henhen lest I forget, I have some thing important to discuss with you. Let's find a place to talk".

Tale and Tanya settled down in Joann's place, an eatery close to their church. After placing their orders, Tanya looked straight at Tale .
" You can start talking now" .
"Hmm tale sighed! Girl, I messed up big time and am so ashamed of myself", Tale began to sob.
Tanya reached for her hand, "Its ok, just tell me what happened".
"Its Reynolds! its Reynolds!" she continued sobbing
"What happened to Reynolds?"
"I went to his house on Friday and and....."
"And what Tale?"
"He proposed to me".
"Wow! that's great news"
"Just hear me out Tanya. He got me a very beautiful diamond ring and I was so excited. We ate , drank, and had so much fun. Before I knew it, his lips was on mine and we started kissing".
"Oops!" Tanya gasped
"Then then..."
"Then what?" her friend eyed her curiously.
"He carried me off the bedroom".
"What !"
"Please hear me out Tanya. He carried me off the bedroom. I protested violently but he was already on top me and his weight pinned me down".
"Omg Tale ! What happened next, did he rape you?
"No, he didn't", she shook her head . He asked me to let him have sex with me since we were already engaged. I tried to convince him that I believed in sex after marriage but he said he loved me so much and couldn't wait to have me. He told me how much he loved me and the kind of beautiful life we would have together . He even promised that he come and see my parents immediately we leave his place. So I agreed".
"No Tale you didn't?"
"I did!" , Tale said as she burst into tears again.
"So, did he do it?"
He started kissing me again, and I allowed him to remove my clothes. But I still had my undies on. He was about to remove my undies,when I heard a clap from behind. I jerked from under him to find a pregnant woman in the room staring down at us.
"What! How did she get there? who is she?"
"I didn't know at first. But she dragged up Reynolds and gave him two hot slaps. Then she made a move for me. I quickly picked my clothes and ran out of the room. She chased me to the living room, but she couldn't get to me because Reynolds was holding her back. She called me a bitch and slut. Ha Tanya! I suffered", she sobbed.
"So what did you next?"
"Me? What do you expect. You want me to remain in house? I grabbed my bag and escaped outside. I didn't even take my shoes!"
"Were you able to dress before you came out?"
"Dress ke? No o! Do I know what would have happened if I had spent another minute in that house? I had to dress up in the gate house!"
"Wow! Tale that's a handful." "But, who is the woman and why is she is behaving like that?"
"Well", Tale answered looking very embarrassed. "She is Reynolds wife and she lives in the states."
To be continued

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