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Two weeks ago or was it three? Can't really say. Anyways, some weeks ago I got myself watching the series "Scandal' by chance. Though I would say It's not really my kind of series. Reasons? It had some pretty explicit sex scenes, which made me turn my face away or ask it to be forwarded, when those steamy scenes come on. Hey! Don't blame me, I am a Jesus groupie. I have got to flee from all appearances of evil.

OK, so back to the point. From the little I watched, the series revolved around a woman with the name "Olivia pope". She was what you could call a fixer. Hahaa! Now you are interested, let get the movie started, Gengen! Lol
Don't mind me joor, I watched too much of E! Channel in my university days. In fact, my sister and I started to gesture like the celebs, do their kind of hairstyles and even posed for pics like celebs! We were serious Hollywood wannabes. My sister who was in med school at that time, even entertained the idea of dropping medicine for acting! Thankfully, that's past us now. But really if you have have an opening, most especially in Hollywood I would be willing to take it. Who ever said I can't diversify. Just don't call me for a sex scene or strip tease shots.Lol

Now that you are laughing off your head ,shall we proceed. Jeez! where did that word come from "laughing off your head". Seriously, people don't become headless because you are enjoying a good laugh.
Is this suppose to be a comedy post or what? I guess I should have just called it " Time to laugh".

Moving on, like I said earlier, Olivia was a fixer, she fixed tough issues and made problems go away. And she worked with the president. (Bigz Girls)
Olivia went from having an affair with the Presido to dating one of his ( president's ) personal aid named Jake. A lot of things happened and Olivia's boyfriend got framed by Olivia's father for the murder of President junior(The president's son). Hmm,wahala dey o!
Oga president dealt with Jake no be small.One would think the president
did this because Jake was accused of murdering his son. But the underlining truth was that Oga presido was so mad that Mr Jake was sleeping with Olivia. Chaii! woman palava.

Afterwards, the president was to deliver Jake to Olivia's father for further prosecution (Olivia's father intended to kill Jake unknown to the president. Remember, he was the one who framed Jake initially).
Olivia got to know about her father's plan and she went to the President to request that Jake shouldn't be handed over to her father.
Then the shocker happened. As they argued back and forth,Olivia threatened that if he handed Jake over to her father, then he should forget about getting back together with her.
Then Oga at the top (Mr President) asked Olivia if she would go back to dating him if he didn't release Jake to her father. Of course, madam Olivia agreed. Wow!!! All hail the power of woman, or should I say it was booty power/ bottom power.

At that point, It dawned on me that women held so much power to influence and shape a number of events.

The world has had its share of influential women who shook the world greatly. Some for good and some for bad.
We have seen manipulative women as well awesome women in homes, offices and government who affected their spheres positively and negatively.
Whether you admit it or not, the way a family turns out is 80 percent based on the mother's influence.
A bad woman can tear brothers apart and good woman can make them bond closer.
One of my hubby favorite saying goes thus " Educate a man, you educate one. Educate a woman and you educate a community."

Women are caregivers, helpers, advisors , nurturers,multi-taskers and the list goes on. But the question is how are women using those abilities? And these abilities are what I call the femelle factor. Maybe I should make the question a bit more direct. How am I using my femelle factor? How are you using your femelle factor?
Do you use it to inspire or depress, do you use it to help or manipulate, do you use it for the welfare of others or for your selfish reasons.

Every word a woman speaks, every action she undertakes, every decision she makes goes out to influence a generation

How are you using your femelle factor.

Nb: Femelle means Female in French

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