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I remember singing Tina Turner's "what love gat to do with it" in my early years. I would shake my head and move my body as I sang. And when I was among my friends, I would feel so cool singing the song. Don't blame me, I think that was the only hip song that I knew so well. Lol.

The cliché BAD has gone so viral today or should I say global. We hear phrases like BAD girl , BAD boy , BAD ride or sometimes wicked ride. Oops!
Well, if you are not familiar with hip hop culture you wouldn't understand what it means. Oldies move over. The truth is bad is usually used in the hip culture to describe cool things. Twisted, huh?I know, I feel the same way. A bad girl/ boy means a cool/ happening guy/ babe. A bad/ wicked ride means a very cool car. Hmmm,
I can't help but remember a scene from watching the series "Suite life of Zack and Cody", years back. The kids were describing something cool and they ascribed it as "BAD". The older people around looked confused as to why those kids would gladly indulge in something bad. Then, the hotel manager intervened by saying " Kids nowadays, bad means good." This is the kind of culture we live in today.

While people may be going with the flow and unconcerned. I feel a bit ruffled about this. And the unfortunate truth of this is more teens and youths want to be bad than good. Like I said earlier, to them, bad means cool. It is believed that if you are bad as a guy , you get more popularity , more girls etc. Also bad girls get to have more fun. And "GOOD" in itself has gone into obscurity.

What happened to calling a spade, a spade. What happened to those times when good deeds and conducts, were been praised among youths. When was the last time you heard a teenager /youth talk proudly about being a virgin? Nah! That's not in vogue again, you have got to experiment. In fact, they are ashamed to let people know they are one and can't wait to shed off their virginity.
You don't dare tell your peeps you don't drink, smoke or do drugs, you 'll just become a laugh stocking. More than ever "BAD" is gaining upper hand and the few young ones who believe in "GOOD" are too ashamed to stand up for it.

It is time we call a dog a dog and a dove a dove ( tautology intentional. lol) . Lets face it, Bad means evil , terrible, devilish, amidst a lot of other horrible meanings, so why would I want to be associated with bad!
While the media and even parents are aiding the decadence of morals, It is essential that you and I have to stand up for the "GOOD" we believe, so that others will come to the light.

I believe in saving oneself for sex till marriage

I believe that a good name is better than riches

I believe that good and God fearing guys are the ones you should date and marry. No matter what a bad boy looks like or how much he has, he not worth me.

I believe in good character and morals.

I believe that a real woman's worth is not in how she looks or dresses, but in the strength of her character and inner virtues.

I believe in Jesus. And I know when come to him , he turns you from bad to good.

What do you believe in?

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  1. Wow! I thoroughly loved this; being a youth myself in this generation where emotional excesses can be pardoned under the nomenclature 'youthful Exuberance ' I find it quite thrilling to know that we still have some 'sane' youthss out there. We'll done babe.

    1. Hey girl! so glad u could come around. like you I am happy there are still some youths around who still uphold morals.let's keep the fire burning

  2. Great thoughts thanks for sharing!