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Hey people! How is it going? Congrats to Nigerians on a well deserved victory on the presidential polls. Nigerians came out in mass to vote. In my polling unit, I saw the aged and disabled wait for hours just to cast their vote. Nigerians are beginning to understand the meaning of democracy.

Just for laughs: My living room turned to a "situation room" as the results of the polls were been announced. I became the Returning Officer while hubs was the Coalition Officer. I called out the results as it was been announced and hubs typed out the votes accruing to the various parties. Even when my sis called, l had to tell her "Please call me back ,you are calling at a critical moment!" Lol

Back to business, So here is the part 3 of fiction I have been working if you missed the previous edition click here
Kindly let me know your thoughts on it.

Lunch with Reynolds was a wonderful affair. He and Tale dined in Royal Affair in Ikoyi. He spared no cost as he ordered the best cuisines. After lunch, he suggested that they check out the Deluxz boutique, a few blocks from the restaurant.
They got to the boutique and began window shopping. Suddenly, a beautiful pair of nude stilettos caught Tale's eyes. Tale is a sucker for nude shoes, she couldn't just take her eyes of it.
"Do you like it ?" A voice from behind said. She turned around to find Reynolds staring at her.
"He must have caught me admiring the shoes" she thought to herself.
"Yes , I was just admiring them."
" Why don't you try them on?"
" No way, I can't even afford them! "
"Just try them on Tale, don't be a party popper" he urged.
"Ok'' she finally gave in.
Tale tried on the shoes and it was a perfect fit.
Reynolds walked away as she admired the shoes .
"Tale," he called from the counter,
"I think we should get going? "
"Ok, just a minute" she said as she stooped to remove the shoes.
"You don't have to remove them, you can wear them out."
"What! That would be pilfering."
" Well," he answered "not anymore. Its yours now."
Tale eyes grew big "No Reynolds ,you didn't .... He gave her a nod with wide grin.
"Thank you ,Thannnk you, thank you! She exclaimed joyfully as she made her way to the door.
"Eh Madam," the sales attendant called out to her. "You left the shoes in which you came in, and you also forgot to collect the box for the new shoes."

"Gist me joor" Tanya said as she chatted with Tale on the phone.
"As I was saying Tanya, I had the best time of my life. Reynolds gave me a treat of a life time."
She chatted on about their date to Tanya.
"He must be so boxed up to give you that kind of treat o!" Tanya replied
"You can say so Tanya. Infact, I think I just caught a money bag. I don't mind that kind of man for a husband o!"
"Eh hen! But,is he a Christian?" Her friend asked.
"Well, he should be, because he told me he attends the Tabernacle of Grace."
"Oh! you mean the church in Lekki."
"OK, Tale just be careful .You know you cant just marry anybody, you have to pray about it and carefully study the guy."
"Pastor Mrs Tanya! I don hear o"
"Am serious Tale....."
Tale's phone began to beep with another incoming call .
"Tanya, please I have to go now, Alvin's is calling me."
"Who?" Tanya asked
"Allllllllvin ,the guy I met in church the other day.Remember?"
"Oh! I remember"
"OK babes take care." Tale said as she ended her friend's call.
"Hey! Tale, its Alvin"
"Hi you ,what's up"
"Was thinking of going to the cinemas this weekend, we could go together if you don't mind?"

Church ended 10am as usual. Like every Second Sunday, Tale had to wait for the youth meeting.
The meeting proceeded as usual with Sola the president, presiding over it
"You are welcome to our monthly meeting. If you are joining us for the first time, could you please signify by raising your hand?"
Several hands went up and a loud applause filled the room.
"You are all welcome." Sola continued
"Please move to the right hand where Tale our PRO, will receive you and write down your details. We look forward to seeing more of you. God bless you."
The meeting ended after thirty minutes.
Tale put the visitors form in her bag and stood up to leave .
"Excuse me," came a voice from behind .
She turned around to see a man staring at her. He happened to be one of the newcomers to the youth group.
"Hi, my name is Uche."
"I just wanted to tell you that I liked the way you anchored the youth fiesta."
"Oh ! Thank you." she smiled
"Will see you next Sunday right?"
"Sure." she replied
"Cool. have a nice week." And he was gone.

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  1. Kai, the too many toasters thing...I nor like am at all
    She will have to be well grounded in God to be able to chose rightly..

    Babes, the next part biko?

  2. My dear, I can imagine o .Too many toaster things can allow a girl not to think right o. don't worry, next edition coming soon.