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"A lady walked into a pet shop, demanding for a parrot.

The owner: "We have 2 kinds: one repeats everything you say & the other thinks for itself!"

"I think I'll like the one that thinks for itself", replied the lady.

The owner brought out her choice & told her to quiz the parrot.

"How do I look?", asked the lady.

"Like a prostitute!" replied the parrot.

"This parrot is rude: I won't buy it!", said the lady.

"Pls give me a moment!", replied the owner as he walked towards the backyard with the parrot.

He dipped the parrot into a bucket full of water & warned the parrot: "If u are rude to that lady one more time I will drown u in this bucket!"

When the man came back to the counter he told the lady: "Now ask the parrot anything you wish and I assure that he will be polite"


Lady: "if I come home @ night with a man, what'll you call this man?"

Parrot: "Your husband!"

Lady: "Good! What if I come home with 2 men?"

Parrot: "Your husband & your in-law!

Lady: "Good! Good!! What if I come home with 3 men?"

Parrot: "Your husband, your in-law & your brother!"

Lady: "Gooood! What if I come home with 4 men?"

The parrot looked back at the owner & said: "Pls go & drown me: I said it earlier on that this woman is a prostitute!

My point is aren't we all like this prostitute? We claim we want the truth but do we really like to hear the truth even if it hurts.


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