On The Attitude Thingy

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So I have been reading this book by one Keith Harrell, I checked him out online found out that he had mentored a lot of people and influenced them greatly.
Bad news ,Keith died in 2010. I was so sad to read this but the good news is,his legacy of good attitude lives on.
Here is an eulogy of him from one of the people who knew him:

"I have never known a man whose heart and mind were so filled with love and kindness,” said Ross Shafer, friend and fellow speaker. “No matter what frustration I shared with Keith, I was always energized and encouraged by hearing his voice and positive advice. I know he will guide us by his teachings, his example of how to live life, and his ongoing presence. Keith's light is so bright he will always shine in our hearts and in the hearts of the people he touched.”

So now to the book. This book is titled "Attitude is Everything". Its a wonderful book on how a good attitude in every circumstance can transform one's life . I can't download all the content on my blog ,that would take almost 200 pages.lol

But I would like to share a particular story in the book . Keith's words are in inverted comma ,my own words are in bracket. This is the story of a man named Charley.

"I got fired from having a bad attitude. My boss told me that I was doing a pretty good work,but my negative attitude made it tough on him and everyone else in my department." (Mehnn!! You must be one angry dude)
"I had a few weeks to think about it , while I was looking for a job. My attitude had not helped me at all .I had done all the work I was supposed to do ,and I had done it as well as anybody else."( hmmm! but dem still fire you? Nawa o!)
"But instead of being recognized for doing a good job ,I got fired for having a bad attitude ." (Lobatan!)
"It was pretty obvious I needed to change my attitude."( l second the motion)
"In my next job,I promised myself that whatever happened, I would stay positive and do my job. I wasn't going to let my attitude get in the way of my job security and advancement. The second week I was there ,they start downsizing (Down..wetin? Haa! Mogbe!)
To be continued.........

Guys if you were Charley what would you do? Would you still maintain positive attitude?

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