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Hi people, how are you doing. Last year,  I was working on a project, a novel.Yeah! I know I abandoned it but I am back to it. If you missed the part 1 Click here

Tale got home and could not stop thinking  about Alvin. "Did you see his eyes?" she said to herself. "Oh my! He is so gorgeous and those biceps bulging under his buba, (sighs) he must have being it out at the gym. I wonder what his chest will look like". "Stop it Tale!"  she scolded herself "You had better get your dress ironed  or you will borrow Alvin's buba and sokoto for work tomorrow." She grinned sheepishly as she stood up.
Mr Harry had gotten to the office early as always. He tuned on his favorite Frank Edwards song "Mma Mma" and started singing aloud. 
Tale walked into the office fifteen minutes later.She heard the song blaring from his computer just before she entered the accounts department. "Not again!" She said. "Na wa for Mr Harry o! this song has turned to national anthem. He does not  even know the lyrics. Chai!! Frank Edward don suffer for Mr Harry O!"
"Good morning Mr Harry" She said, as she walked to her desk.
 "Hey! Tale, how was your weekend?" 
"Twas very fine sir" she replied. 
"Did you end up going for your school mate's wedding?" He asked. 
"I wanted to....."
"Happy new month people!" Chioma buzzed as she walked in. Chioma and Tale were both accountants and they worked together with Mr Harry who is the Head of Accounts.
"Babe!" Tale said eyeing Chioma tastefully from head to toe. "This your outfit is really hot o! Is someone taking you for dinner today?" 
 "Chioma chioma",  Mr harry jabbed."Did you hook a fish during the weekend?"
  As their chattering went on,Wale opened the door,  "Guys its time for our Monday meeting."
Taleeee!!!! screamed Mr Harry. "Have you processed the transfer to Corum?"  "Yes Sir" she replied. "Then why haven't we gotten the Telex copy? Anyway, take the documents you used in processing the transfer to the MD now!"  Tale rushed past him to her desk.
Mr Kasali is the MD/CEO of Swartz Construction. A man with a medium build but highly respected because of  his business intelligence and managerial acumen.
She walked into the MD's office quite shaken. "Good morning sir," she said as she walked in. Mr Kasali looked up from his desk. "Haha Tale! How are you?Ture said he has not seen the Euros transferred to his account."
"Sir" she answered, "I took it to the bank for processing immediately and I also called Lydia, the liasion  officer to confirm if it had been sent and  she did."
"OK ,would tell Ture to hold on for a while. What about the payment for the iron rods/granites?  
"Sir, the memo has been raised but there is no authorisation for the payment."
"Why didn't you tell me?" Mr kasali screamed as he banged his fist on desk. "You know we have a deadline on that project  and you are still dragging your feet on it. Now you get out of my office and do your job."
"Sorry sir" Tale said as she rushed out of his office and bumped into someone. 
"Oh!I am so sorry." She quickly apologized and hastened to her office  without looking up.
"Whew! What a day!" Tale said as she  headed for her lunch break. As she climbed down the stairs, She saw an angel walking towards towards her ,he was perfectly sculptured and ravishing. Oh dear! She muttered to herself "he is too handsome to be human."
"Hi" he said as he got to her. "We met earlier when you bumped into me on your way out from Kasali's office."

 "Oh! I am sorry. That was you? I didn't m......" 

"It's ok" he answered. "By the way, I am Reynold,its nice to be meet you and you are ?"
"Tale" she answered.
 "I will see you around Tale," he smiled and walked away. 
"Bamm!" (Sighs) "I really like fine boys and I am glad they dig me too. Omg! Its 2.45pm, I better hurry unless there will no lunch for me, she said as she rushed out. 
To be continued__________

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  1. Tale..Tale...
    I like fine guys too but hope this one she's doing isn't desperation?

    Well, pls oh sis Tosin..more...don't keep us waiting for a year this time oh.lol.

    welcome back babes

  2. Hey dear,sorry about keeping you waiting .Lil

    Let's wait and see what Tale is up to: winks