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Hey guys! How have you been? Hope you had an awesome weekend? And thanks for asking, mine was a blast. I got to attend an interactive marriage retreat with my department in church. It was so much fun. People really opened up and we discussed so many topics ranging from communication, to expectations in marriage, to sex in marriage amongst a host of others. And of course, there were some chop chop and takeaways. winks.

Happy mothers day to all the mamas, soon to be mamas, as well as expectant mamas. God bless ya all.

Its a wonderful experience to be a mum. My friend sent me this on whatsapp and I thought I should share it below;

Curriculum of a Mother

Work Experience
-baby sitter ....👶,
-other unspecified activities to be decided on the spot.....

Working hours:
-24/7 , 365 days

-Her children's smile!!😄

As hilarious as this sounds, it's so true.Once again, God bless all the mamas!

So you might be wondering what my post title means. Hang on, and I 'll gist you. Some might say "just cut the chase and stop beating around the bush." Another would say " just hit the nail on the head". But we all know what the nail can do it head ,it can kill! So let's just go straight to the point. lol

Since my tab crashed, blogging has been difficult for me because I have to use my phone. I had so much frustrations with the blogger app that I was using. One of the problems I often encountered, was loading pictures in the desired places. I also had issues with link backs, writing in italics, and bold fonts anywhere I wanted.

Then God sent me an angel, a life saver .....BLOGGEROID!!!!!

Roftl. Don't mind my funny way of introducing the app.Seriously, it has reduced my stress on blogging. It easy to use,the instructions are clear and simple. It's available on Google store. If you host your blog on Blogger, and have difficulties blogging, you should try it out. It is indeed a life saver or maybe I should called it blog saver. lol

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