1:09 pm Tosin Eyebiokin-Olugbade 0 Comments

Asap (As soon as possible).  We use this cliche all the time. Perhaps ,its because we have realised the utmost importance of time or maybe ,its just to get people to do something for us very quickly, or it is a symptom of  living in a  fast paced environment.
Whatever the case may be , we often forget that this  word holds a hidden truth.  It proverbially tells us that time is running out! So you have to act now!  Some might ask what's the hurry? the truth is ,when ideas,opportunities or plans are not worked on quickly,we tend to lose those ideas,plans and opportunities. On a personal level, when I get inspired to write something or do something, If I don't write it down  and work on it immediately, I often lose such inspiration.
Asap is one acronym that we should  allow check procrastination and laziness in our lives. So, whatever you have got to do,do it ASAP!

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