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I grew up to be a very shy girl. Only a few people would  believe that right now.  Over time, I  had learned to develop myself in many areas. And just when I thought that I had gotten my act together . I had a CRISIS! Yes, you guessed right, A PERSONALITY CRISIS!!!

Through the help of God, I have been able to make some good changes in my life. But I have to confess, that there was a part of me that I disliked. I often wished it wasn't part of my character. Don't worry ,I won't keep you guessing. The horrible thing I hate about myself is been nice and gentle.

Just hear me out before you crucify me. My reason is for this is simply because ,nice and gentle people are often disrespected and taken for granted. We live in an aggressive society where being nice is a synonym for stupidity. People are  more loyal and obedient  to an harsh boss than a gentle one . In some cases, you are being nice to someone but you get repaid with evil.

Lately, I had an unpleasant  outcome as a result of my niceties. I sulked and introspected for a while . Then the holy spirit ministered to me. He showed that these things which I hated so much were virtues. I would like to admit here,that my gentle nature has hindered me from being firm atimes. I was also made to understand that these, should never be seen as a weakness. It only has to fine-tuned and well managed .

My verdict : I am going to continue being nice and gentle, but I would learn to be firm with good decisions. I will  also pray for wisdom to act appropriately in every season. If you have a case similar to mine, maybe  you have got a virtue that seems to cause you troubles,try adopting my verdict.
PS: Ensure to fine-tune it to suit your case.

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  1. Atta sis, dis gladens my heart in ways to gr8 3 words. Yes u were always d gentle one, one virtue I found elusive. Lil wonders we felt more relaxed sharing our woes wiv u, u were lyk d peace mediator*smyls* MORE GREASE sis!!!

  2. My sis in law doing gr8 exploits on blogosphere. Dis is realy gr8, beats my thots tho why unlike u ur lil sis is a FIREBALL!!! Keep d good work n words. GODSPEED

  3. @debz and rexie,thanks so much. Really appreciate the love.

  4. I used to be annoyed at my gentle and soft nature too.but I realised dat my gentle and meek nature is actually a great price in God's sight so I just finetuned it.I can be firm when I need to be.and gentle when need be.simples.

    1. yes girl,we all have to learn firmness when necessary. Thanks for the comment.God bless you plenty.