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Letting go of issues is so hard, forgiveness is even harder.

Forgiveness is one word that is so easy to write , pronounce and spell out but it's a pain in the neck when you decide to practice it.

Jesus commanded us to forgive but why is it so hard to forgive? Seriously, I dunno, but I do know that forgiveness does not have anything to do with feelings. It's a decision we must make regardless of our feelings.
In this world, there would always be occasions for offenses. Some will be intentional deeds out of a wicked heart , others unintentional. Whichever the case may be, we have to always ask God for grace to forgive.
In a world of abuse, rape, blackmail and lots of vices, we would have to forgive if we will make it through.

Perhaps you are wondering why is she writing about forgiveness, did she have an issue with forgiveness ? Of course I did. But before we get to that, it was a novel that actually inspired this write up.
I love to read and write. I downloaded a novel titled "Design on a crime" from
The plot was woven around a murder that led to series of investigation and accusing evidences kept pointing to an innocent person. As the story neared the end , it was discovered that Marge was murdered by Gussie! But why?
Marge had an affair with Tom Gussie's husband fifteen years ago. The affair caused Gussie to develop complications during her pregnancy which she lost . Mark ended the affair but Gussie's emotions have been severely damaged. Years later , Mark met with Marge to discuss business. Gussie heard about this and thought the two were back together. Gussie didn't deal well with the affair before and after the miscarriage. She had became emotionally stressed and deluded, this made her a kleptomaniac and ultimately caused Marge death!

This shows me that bitterness is harmful in many more ways than one.
Bitterness stemming from unforgiveness can cause stress, heart attacks, sickness to mention a few.
My sis and I had a favorite quote we used in our teens , which is "Life is too short to date ugly boys". ( Don't mind us , we used it till we realised that looks aren't everything )
Rephrasing this quote, I would say " Life is too short, to hold grudges throughout ". Grudges don't allow us to enjoy life, it steals our joy and holds us captive . When you see the person in question, you feel a strange sensation of hate! I don't want to go through that and I don't think anyone should.

In my own case it was an ex-boss . He frustrated me so much to the extent that I willingly resigned. I remember praying several times to forgive him after resigning from that place of work. Every time I remember the stress and the evil he put me through, I would feel a strong sensation of hate ( Even after forgiving him) . But then, I decided to continue forgiving him as every time a I remember, I even started praying for him ...strange huh!
I know but we have to do what God commanded.
Guess what? God vindicated me in the end. He got into serious trouble with the directors and he was asked to resign. This happened after I had left. All am saying is forgive, let go and leave it to God.

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