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Happy new year people!!! Yes 2015 has come and gone and 2016 is here .

2015 was a hell of a year. Looking back , I really had lots of would haves and should haves , not to mention the fact that my blogs posts were so meagre till I finally went AWOL. And yes, I added some extra pounds and finally chopped of my long and beautiful relaxed ends (tears) ...just kidding. While I missed my long hair, I. am having a whole new experience with an all natural hair.

Having reviewed my 2015, I was very determined to make my 2016 better. I came up with some ideas which I shared with my children in Sunday school , will share those later .
On Saturday the 2nd I think, I was going through my mail and I decided to check a particular email from Terri Savelle Foy ministries. There was one thing mentioned in the email that struck me, its simply "developing successful habits". This tells me that there are unsuccessful habits.
Developing successful habits will make one successful and unsuccessful habits will make us unsuccessful.
Terri stressed that our lives, success and failures are a product of our habits.

A habit is an established custom or an automatic pattern of behavior in reaction to a specific situation, may be inherited or acquired through frequent repetition.
The kind of habits we take on in life, is going to heavily influence our lives.
Giving an example on savings, most people including me can't seem to save, its like we just blow up the paycheck and wait for the next one. Or we keep wishing that we will land a super mega job that pays in six figures , (nothing wrong with that) the truth is that this rarely happens. But we can choose to discipline our selves financially by putting away a percentage every month. If one puts away 10,000 as saving by year end it will be 120,000 .

We keep looking for the big fat burner that will make us slim, and hot within two weeks. We have forgotten that constant discipline of the body, through exercise and healthy eating is what will keep us fit. Fifteen minutes of daily exercise and avoiding junk food will go a long way losing that fat.

Having said this, one of my visions for new year is to develop successful habits and I sincerely hope you will do same.

Once again,Happy new year people!!!

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  1. Happy new year babes!!!
    Good to see regular posts here...
    And choi! See our newly we'd fresh body ohh.

    1. Thanks dear. Big thanks to your words of encouragement