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Ever heard that cliche that age is just numbers? please!!! I beg to differ. Age means a lot ,its not just numbers. Just hold on while I prove my point.

If you are from the yoruba  tribe, you would be familiar with the adage that says "Ko si bi omode she le laso to,ko le la akisa be agba". Translation-- No matter how many clothes a young person has ,he/she can't have worn out clothes /rags like an elderly person. Me and my sister would jokingly reply to that adage by saying  "how many elders have crazy jeans".LOL.  This adage simply points to the fact that elders have gathered wisdom through experience over the years.

I grew up as a shy kid but I learnt to loosen up over time. I have been more daring in a good way  as I grew older. My sense of style has increased with age. I have taken more decisions in accordance with purpose . I have learnt to withstand peer pressure more. I can get along with people more. My desire for God has increased. I have become bolder in speech and in deeds. I also admit that I have become naughtier and a little troublesome.(Tongue out)

Check out my style *winks*

If you still  think age doesn't matter,read on. I did a survey (more of verbal interactions and data collection) about the diffrence between women who married  around 18-24yrs and the ones who married from 25yrs upwards. Well, I was told that most of the women in the first group at a time felt trapped in their marriage because they felt they should still be enjoying their youth. Some even said those women wished they had waited a little while and not marry that early. Well,the second group (25 years upwards) were said to cope and adjust better to marital life.

Now to the older folks ,have you noticed that we see more older women in church than men? Seriously ! no offense guys, but I personally believe that women are more committed to God than men in Nigeria. Well,take it or leave it,as humans grow older and notice that the grave is getting nearer,they begin to search more for God.  Women who lived life....I mean rocked and gyrated life ( you know what I mean), as they grow older they realize that they can't continue to live their life that way so they turn to GOD. This also applies to men. Maybe,its because they are seeking miracles but at least  it a wise decision to run to God in time of need.

Choosing a life partner is a very big issue which should not be taken lightly. I have heard of marriage successes just because a child choose to listen to its parent's counsel on choosing a life partner. Parental guidance on marriage comes as a result of wealth of experience and wisdom ,those parents have amassed over the years.Young people are not the best to listen when making this choice except the young person is deeply rooted in Christ and counseling under the unction of the Holyspirit. Your parents are not suppossed to choose for you but they are to provide counsel and guidiance when making this choice. Even when parents make unrealistic demands ,patiently vet their decisons with prayers .If they are leading you through the wrong decision,the holyspirit will change their minds,but if they keep insisting,then maybe God is trying to tell you something about your choice. My mother is a testimony of a marriage success,her father didn't choose her husband for her but she listened to a single guideline that he gave her in making a choice. The same happened to me, I am stiill young in marriage but I listened to parental guidiance while choosing and I thank God today for that. Enough said .This is not a marriage counselling


People's attitude, words,dressing and deed have change overtime asthey mature physically. I agree that not all old people are mature and give wise words but i strongly hold the opinion that age has something to do
with wisdom and better actions.

Holla at me if you think otherwise......cheers!!!

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  1. I still want to shave my hair on one syd...n I cnt seem to outgrow bn naughty. omg!!! does dat mean im not normal*wails*
    Touche sis! age is a huge deal not all d deal tho.
    n I miss u pieces

  2. Hey girl! Long time! Married life be taking you away from us shey? Hope you and yours are good sha?

    I do believe that age has a lot to do with gaining wisdom/common sense but I don't believe that that's all to it. A youngster could be as wise wise as someone considerable older than them. it all has to do with what they feed themselves with..whether they have the Spirit in them who they listen to that guides their counsel.. that said, the place of age and growing in wisdom can also not be done away with.all things been equal, with white hairs come more wisdom indeed.

    Happy weekend dear, take care of you.

    1. My dear francesss.I have missed u so much. I am really trying to cope o and keep it together,it's a whole lot of work but God dey O! And yes, we are so good,thanks for asking.
      I agree with you. God is the utmost authority on wisdom,if a young person hangs out with him so much,he will definitely become wise.You are big example of

  3. You said...."" but I personally believe that women are more committed to God than men...""

    Pls can you explain what what makes this the truth or is it just your opinion?

    - you know moi too well

    1. Dear ANONYMOUS, i wont,t let you pull my legs. See me in person if you want an answer...Of course! i know you too

  4. Firstly, Let me congratulate you on you marriage to God's choice. You did not invite me!!! Ok, back to the matter, I agree with you Tosin. But, I have seen cases where the counsel of parents and the elderly ones (with all due respect) wasnt well informed. I called it being "out of touch". Now, not in all matters, but in some. Yes, parents always have a strong point of perspective when it comes to marriage matters, what about other matters. My parents did not approve of me going to my present place of worship. Infact, they are clergies, but disliked and I mean totally disliked my Pastor. Well, I didnt listen, and I thank God I didn't. 5 years later, they are happy and I am too. I say convincingly that we can be wise as young people, if we seek true knowledge. Most people have GNOSIS which is merely scientific, what about(GINOSKO: Revelation Knowledge, OIDA: Divine Awareness; EPIGNOSIS: The Big one). I should stop, I could go on. The Bible says emphatically: New Living Translation
    Sometimes the elders are not wise. Sometimes the aged do not understand justice.

    1. Hey David,am sorry you didn't get an invite,it wasn't intentional. Like you said ,there are exceptions in the age thing . Nevertheless, I still maintain that naturally older people have tendencies of been wiser though not all of them..Appreciate you coming by ,will check out your blog also.Cheers

  5. Hmm... the age and gender debate. *whistling by*