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Blogging can be so much fun if you love to write but sometimes it can be depressing with nothing to write. Ever heard of anything called writer's block? Hmmm,now you are wondering ,what in the world is writers block?  Definition;it is when a writer's head goes blank and there's nothing to write. Ever experienced that before? Well I do sometimes and it makes me panick.

I write spontaneously and as result of this, my head/brain is constantly thinking and analyzing. So, when I have nothing to write,I am kinda depressed because I hate silence.
Well,on this particular day, I was experiencing wb (my abbreviation for writer's block). I was upset as usual, then a thought came to my mind. I thought "what if silence is a good thing?"  Maybe it's a time to calm down and stop trying  to solve the whole world's problem. Lol (i often feel responsible for a whole lot of people). My thoughts also went to Isaiah 42 vs 10  which says "Be still and know that I am God."

Silence can be a moment to be treasured if we chose to see it that way. Infact,God speaks more in silence. One reason why  we don't hear God often is because our ears and minds are jammed with internal and external noise. There so much noise coming at us from the media,even long hours of work and too much daily activities can stress us and keep us from hearing God.We have to learn to be still and tune out the noise for a while. How can you tune out noise and tune in to God? For some, being still requires putting off the radio,television and other gadgets off for a while. For others, it is keeping off activities for a while. For me,it is to stop analyzing for a while and focus on God. Whatever you have do to so you can hear God,do it.

This post was born out of  my wb moment.I did get something to write after all.

Have a wonderful November peeps! I kind excited because Christmas would soon be here.
Christmas is coming the geese are getting fat *singing*

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  1. Be still and know I am God, I love this verse too. And yes our world is full of noise, we most definitely need to be still sometimes however we choose to tune out the noise. Enjoy your quiet moment Florence and have a great rest of the weekend. http://fashionablyidu.blogspot.com/

  2. And you did have something to write afterall..something that blessed us. :-)

  3. I totally agree! See your WB didn't go to waist :p!