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I remember  when I was very young and I struggled to learn the the national anthem and pledge by heart.

After a lot of singing blunders like "Arise o compation!!! Nigeria co obey. To sa our faaaaaaa!! With love and strength and fe. One Labour of our heroe past shall never be in vain . To serve with ah ah ah!. One nation bound with freedom. PEACE AND UNITY!!! Chai! I can't believe I once sang like that. But I really tried o. Maybe this was one of the reasons I decided to quit my singing career (that's if i ever had any ) lol

Learning the pledge was more easier for me . No way!you had enough laugh ,I wont tell you how I recited my pledge then. My sister once wrote an article called  Inde--fucking--pendence (Oops! that's foul language ,I know but I am not the type who uses foul language,so bear with me. She titled her article that way because of  a whole lot of mess happening in Nigeria at that time.( This article was years back). She talked about the break down in the economyand Nigeria' system of government and it was really overwhelming. Any skeptic would have applauded her for a good write-up execept for the  heading.

Looking at Nigeria today, things have grown worse. Terrorism has heightened, corruption is spilling over,Injustice has become a norm. Oppression of the masses is seen as destiny. As we celebrate Independence today, I reflect on Nigeria's situation.It seems as if we are growing worse as we get older and I am tempted to agree with my sister's write-up by adding  foul language to Happy Independence Cliche. But then ,hope rose within me. I choose to believe in this nation,I chose to pray for this nation,I choose to be patriotic about this nation.People curse and speak evil to Nigeria a lot , little do they know that their words are seed that grows into manifestation. These words have effect,most especially,when its coming from a son of the soil (A Nigerian). I choose not to be part of this .

I believe in a glorious Nigeria in future,where white people will struggle to get visas to our country. It is possible if we will get down on our knees and pray for Nigeria

I believe there is hope  for Nigeria ,do you believe?

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:“May those who love you be secure.Psalm 122vs6 (NIV)


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  1. yes there is hope and someday we will be a great nation. Happy independence day

  2. sis!!!i wrote dat eons ago n im still pissed as the day i wrote that article whn i think of Nigeria n its state bur jesus has cleansed my foul mouth@ least dats gud news.
    That z; i ve decided to speak only good on 9ja..
    hope burns in my heart when i c wht God is doing in our generation .we win

    1. ah sis! good to have you come around again. Yes ,let's keep the hope alive