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How bad do you want it? Quite an odd question you would say. But I hear people use it often. Some rephrase and say " I want it so badly". Guys sometimes use this line to cajole the women folk, they might say oh! I need you so badly! I can't wait to have you in my life. lol!   Ok, I am not talking about relationships today,maybe tomorrow. lol!

 We all have visions,dreams and expectations that we want to achieve, but the question is how bad do we want it to happen? I realized that if you want a change or an achievement,you have to work for it. Recently,one of the files in my custody ( a very important one) got missing in the office. I searched everywhere but I could not find it. I was so frustrated that  I resolved to praying. I know it sounds funny but if God can see everything,he surely knows where the file is hiding.

I prayed on the first day and searched again but found nothing. I did the same thing on the second and third day, I still did not find the file. That week ran out and a new week began. At this point, I had became so discouraged but I persisted. I continued praying and searching for the file. Finally,on the second day of the new week,I found the naughty file stuck underneath a drawer!

It is so easy to dream and have aspirations but  dreaming and wishing won't make them happen. Just like I did a whole lot because I needed to find my file badly, you will have to put in a lot of hard work and persistence to actualize that dream or goal.


You are welcome to share your  experiences about how you actualized a dream or goal the comment page. Other opinions are also welcome. I look forward to reading them.

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  1. Hard work, faith, and persistence and fundamental requirements for any dream to come to pass. Just like you did, asking God does help us with direction. Thanks a lot for sharing, have a super blessed evening!

  2. Hi, Ugochi thanks so much for the comment. I am a regular fan of your blog . May the God continue to strengthen you as you inspire people. Enjoy the rest of the week.