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I love to gist. In fact, gisting is a popular culture with the women folk. But when gisting is not curbed it can lead to gossip.

We all have different views on gossip. Some say it is not bad, some say it can damage your integrity if the object of gossip gets to know about it,some believe it is a sin. I agree with the second and third view. But wait, what if there's another twisted side to gossiping. Read on while I share my experience.

I had this older friend who was like a big sister to me, We would chat about a lot of things. But most times,our discussion revolved around a particular person. We talked about how bad and sly , this person was. I need to digress here and say, even if a person is bad or does not act rightly, this is not an excuse to gossip about that person.
Though we both knew this individual ( the object of our gossip), but I often had a direct contact with him. So I just told my older friend about all that he did. Oh my! I was talebearer/ gossip ( Two titles that make you miserable. lol). Yes, it really made me miserable.

The irony of all this was that, I knew what I was doing was wrong. At times,when I want to start gisting with her, I would have a  check in my spirit,urging me not do it (I believe this is the Holy spirit) but I ignore it. And after the conversation,I would feel guilty and heavy.  I repented of this several times but I still continued.        ( PS: It is not pleasing to God to sin continually) I  imagine how patient God must have been,putting up me doing such continually. Then the day came, that I learnt my lesson and I  saw other side of gossiping.

My older friend is a very hot-tempered woman and she likes things to be done  immediately. She wanted some things to be done for her, but  it could not be done on time due to  circumstances beyond my control. The result, she lashed out verbally at me and guess what? the stuff I gossiped to her about was what she used to abuse me. I was so sad and felt like crying. Then I reasoned with myself, and made a decision that I was never going to violate God's law for anybody, no matter how close they are .I also pray that God will help me to stay true to this decision.

Obeying God and his commandments are so important,ditching God to please people is biggest mistake one can ever make . Because, in the end , those you strive to please will always disappoint you. Only God has got your back.


kindly share with us your views or experiences on gossip. You cannot tell, you might just inspire and encourage someone with it. I look forward to reading them in the comment page.

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