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As a young child, I relied on my parents for everything. I didn't have to worry about  the next meal,I was sure my parents would provide the food. I looked up to my parents for guidance in everything ,I believed the motto "dad and mom knows best". I also believed that my parents would always protect me. I remember having nightmares and running to my parents room. I even preferred that my dad  prays for me,because, I believed that God would answer him faster. In short, all my thinking at that time was that as long as my parents were there ,all will be well.

Earthly parents are meant to be a haven and fortress for their children. They are to protect,guide,instruct and provide for  them. But as hard these parents might try ,they cannot meet our every need and they will not always be there.The good news is,there is a parent who can meet all needs and who will always be there. His name is God.

God is not only our creator, he is also our father. The bible says that as many received him(Jesus) ,he gave them power to become the sons of God (John 1:12).    To those who have not received Jesus, I urge you today to accept him as your Lord and saviour so that you can become a child  of God.

I understand quite well that someone  who will read this is  already a Christian . My question is to you is, do you really believe that God is your father?  If yes,then why do you  spend so much time worrying and trying to do impossible things that only God can do? It is the right of a child to ask his parents for everything he needs. It is also the obligation of a parent to protect , guide and provide for the child. Today, chose to believe God like a child believes in its parent and you will be well taken care of by your heavenly father.

Kindly share with us your experiences of faith and how trusting God in a child-like manner has helped your faith. Other opinions and comments are welcome. I look forward to reading them in the comment page.

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  1. A child-like faith God cannot resist! I also call Him Father.
    Thanks a lot for sharing.

    1. I truly agree with you Ugochi. Thanks for the comment. Much love.