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Sunglasses are a very common trend today. People wear them to almost anywhere. Sunglasses are worn to school, offices,events and parties,just name it. Asides from the fashionable flair it adds to one's looks ,it can also have health benefits.


HEADACHE : Wearing Sunglasses can help prevent headache. Exposure to intense sunlight can enkindle eyestrain and this can in turn trigger migraine.

PHOTOKERATITIS : This results from over-exposure to Ultraviolet rays either through natural source or artificial sources. A natural source of ultraviolet rays is the sun.  Artificial sources  include welding equipments,lasers,several electric lamps and even tanning equipments. Symptoms of photokeratitis include intense pain,twitching of the eye,redness ,swollen eyelids etc.  A good sunglass can help prevent this.

CATARACTS: When the eye is exposed to too much ultraviolet rays, it can cause cloudiness of the eye lenses,hence the person affected will have a blurry vision. This is otherwise known as cataracts.

PTERYGIUM: Pterygium is a growth of the clear, thin tissue ( conjunctiva ) of the eye. It grows out to cover the white part of the eye  and  moves onto the cornea. Though this growth is said to be non-cancerous but it causes distorted vision. The actual cause is not known,but studies show that it occurs more in people exposed to UV rays from sunlight. Other predisposing factors include regular exposure to sandy,windy and dusty areas.

SKIN CANCER:  One way of preventing skin cancer is by wearing sunglasses. This prevents ultraviolet rays from filtering into the eyes and the skin around the eyes.

Now that we have discussed the health benefits of sunglasses ,you might ask that how do I get a good sunglass?  Here are a few suggestions:

#1.   Ensure to check the label of the shades to see if it has 95-100% Ultraviolet rays (UV) protection,other labels might read "UV absorption up to 400mn" it means the same . please do this regardless of how much you like the shades or the designer.

#2. You might also want to put lens in consideration. A mirror-coated lens  shields your eyes away from too much sun . A photochromic lens might also be a good consideration , this lens automatically darkens in bright light and becomes lighter in low light.  (Whatever kind of lens you prefer ,the label must specify that it has uv rays protection)

#3.   Decide if you want a glass or plastic lens. Plastic lens are recommended for children and bikers for safety purposes.

#4.  Good sunglass might not be cheap but not all expensive sunglasses are good.

It is worthy of note that your body needs some sunlight, as it helps to form vitamin D in body and this helps in maintaining a good level of calcium and phosphorus. Also,too much wearing of sunglasses can make you photophobic ( having morbid fear of light) . So decide to strike a balance.

Having discussed the health issues of sunglass,look out for the part 2 of DO YOU REALLY NEED SUNGLASSES? In it, I will be discussing the fashion side of sunglasses. Yaay! I am so excited.

Give us your opinion about sunglasses. Other comments are also welcome.

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  1. I do have sunglasses for both fashion and health benefits! I 1st had them only for the fashion side of things but at one of my eye appointments, an associate tried to scare me into buying some prescription sunglasses by telling me all the bad things that could happen to my eyes by the sun. Needless to say, I already had a great pair of Ralph sunglasses so I was already covered :)! Great info!
    -Natasha @ Lovely You

    1. Hey girl,so good to have you here. Just like you, I also loved sunglasses initially for the fashion reasons but now , I know its useful beyond fashion.Thanks for stopping by. Love.

  2. thanks for sharing these benefits, I wear sunglasses pretty much every day it's sunny! keep a pair in my car :)

    1. Hi vett, visited your blog and was wowed! thanks for stopping over. Love