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All women  love to look beautiful. At least, most women I know do. They  want to look good,attractive and presentable,most especially when they go out. Perhaps, this is why we indulge all the tips that  the fashion industry has doled out to us over the years.

I will be sharing some beauty tips here. This tips are relevant for women of all ages,race and class.  Trust me, you can never go wrong using them.

Beauty Tip #1 : Be God fearing

For a woman to possess true beauty,she must have the fear of God. The fear of God is to be in constant reverence and obedience to God. A God-fearing woman wants to do the right thing and she also stays away from evil. This will not only save her and her family a lot of trouble,it will also bring the blessings of God upon them.

Beauty Tip #2: Show Kindness
A kind woman is one who is tender-hearted and ready to help any one in need. Kindness can be shown in many ways. it can be shown by babysitting another person's child,helping the aged ,giving material and financial aid,giving a listening hear to a hurting person,praying for a person,volunteering for a charity project,this list is endless. Whatever you do to cause relief and make life better is an act of kindness.

Beauty Tip #3: Be Hardworking.
Another tip that makes  a woman  irresistibly beautiful is handwork.  She doesn't have to labor physically all day to be hardworking. All she  has  to do is to ensure that  everything in her care is adequately managed and cared for. If she is married,it is her  duty to ensure that her home,husband and children are well cared for. In her career,she should exhibit diligence and commitment. She must also be a good employer of resources. I would like to digress here by saying that too many women waste precious time  chatting and watching television. ( I am not asking you to stop chatting with friends and watching tv ,but please ,discipline yourself to limit it) .Too much chatting leads to gossip,too much tv dulls your sense of creativity! The time and energy used in doing this could be channeled into productive activities.
Finally, to be a hardworking woman ,you have to continually develop yourself by engaging in productive  reading and activities.

Beauty Tip #4: Good Dressing
It is highly important that a woman dresses well. The media and fashion industry has fed us with several  twisted mode of dressing over the years. The ideal mode is of dressing for a woman who wants to be beautiful is to dress modestly and appropriate! Ladies,please show off your cleavages and thighs to your husbands not the whole world!  A woman does not  have to wear Peruvian weave, don loreal make-up,or wear Christian louboutin heels to become beautiful. All you need do is choose a style that suits your personality (keep being modest in mind) and off you go!

Beauty Tip #5: Good countenance
Nowadays, most women go around wearing a frown on their faces . I do understand that we are coping with  family ,work and a whole lots of things at the same time.  But common girl! A smile can change your entire appearance. You may be gorgeously dressed but with that frown on your face, you will look unattractive. Smiling brightens your face and adds a flair to your looks. Remember to smile as you go out .#winks#.

Beauty Tip #6: Confidence
This makes a woman so irresistible .Ladies, get your act together together and be proud of who you are. I am not taking about having  an over-conceited opinion of yourself ,rather I am saying you should have a good self-esteem. God fashioned you in a unique manner,you are so valuable to him that he sent Jesus to die for you!  So quit the pity party,stop wishing you were someone else. Hold your head high and let the world see God's eminence in you.

Beauty Tip #7 : Pleasant Words
A beautiful woman is a woman of pleasant words. Have you ever being around a woman who speaks mean and negative words at regular intervals? Trust me you don't want to be around her. Women should learn to uplift,encourage and build up people with their words. This will make you more appealing .

Beauty Tip #8: Humility
A humble woman is a rare gem. Humility does not mean stupidity,rather it is the lack of false pride. A truly beautiful and strong woman is a humble one. A humble woman is teachable,not easily provoked and submissive to authority.

If you think i missed out any beauty tip ,kindly let me know in the comment page . Other opinions are also welcome. I look forward to reading them all in the comment page.

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  1. This was great.I learnt a lot.also a departure frm wat s world thinks beauty is(makeup,scanty clothes,etc)if women inculcate these,d world will be a better place.
    I must say that a beautiful woman to me is one dat radiates frm d inside out,one whose light that God has given to them shines to all that comes in contact with them,that to me is real beauty.

  2. Yes,Frances,you are so right . True beauty comes from within.thanks for stopping by. Cheers!

  3. Be honest, sincere and straight forward, say what you mean and mean what you say.