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I have been studying the book of Corinthians lately and I found out that it has some interesting lessons to be learnt from it.

The church of Corinth was a growing and well-endowed church. In chapters one and three of Paul's first letter to the church,he addressed an issue that threatened the unity of the church----Sectarianism

Sectarianism is defined as a narrow-minded adherence to a particular sect,party or person . In this scenario,the church of Corinth was experiencing divisions.   Some said they follow Paul,some Apollos,while others said they were followers of Cephas            ( 1Corinthians 1:10-12, 3:4 ).
Paul reprimanded them by showing them that they are one,he stressed that these apostles (himself ,Cephas and Apollos) were just people whom God used to minister to them and that these apostles preached the same Jesus to them.

This issue of sectarianism can also be found in Christendom today . Just like the Corinth church, some Christians tend to exalt a denomination or spiritual leader dogmatically . As a result of this ,they criticise other Christians who do not follow that  denomination or that particular spiritual leader. I believe that this should not be, so long we all uphold the same belief,we are  one family. I would like to stress here that true believers are those ,who solely believe in Christ as the only saviour of the world,they believe in his death and resurrection, believe in his second coming as well as other unadulterated biblical principles .They also believe the word of God as the final authority. These people are the church,regardless of  denomination or leadership.

I know this is a sensitive one, but like Paul reproved the Corinthians, let us stop judging and discriminating against  each other and see ourselves as one.

I would love to hear your opinions about this post. PS: Give your comments without rude language or prejudice

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  1. my sister, you said it very well. we are one body. it breaks my heart when people tend to give glory to their pastors and not God. love your point of view.

    1. You are so right. We should our respect our spiritual leaders but they should never take the place of God. Really appreciate you coming by .Love.

  2. U r right Tosin.regardless of denomination and doctrines and all what nots,a church dat meets d criteria of being a true church and followers of Christ like u listed shud nt discriminate. We shud learn to indeed live 2geda in d love of Christ.
    Ps:this is one reason y d muslims r unified,regardless of watever mosque they go to,they r all one.why can't we dat serve d living God do same?
    I pray God helps us.

    1. Yes girl, we who serve the "One true God" should see ourselves as one. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week. Love

    2. Hiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!...*vigorous MBGN wave* ....lol...
      First off, Mega thanks for stopping by my wordpress account with a line. I appreciate you ma'am!
      I just finished going through your posts from start to finish and I must say this; Trés Remarkable!...
      You got an amazing God-enabling, life-transforming party going on in here. I found Insighful, inspirational posts on the seemingly mundane,life issues&challenges....

      My only challenge was reading,(even with my glasses on)your blog theme/colour, exciting as it is, isn't so clear....but that's just me,

      Don't stop sharing! Bless your dear heart!
      May your life be Resplendent!

    3. Hey Lizzy, So gud to hear from you. Thanks for your gracious comments. am so overwhelmed that you read my blog from head to toe! wow! Lmao @ the MBGN thing. Would really like to get e-acquainted. Thanks a brunch. Love

  3. Thanks Liz, for mentioning the theme, appreciate that honest opinion . will work on it. Gracias!