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Hey guys! How is your week going? Hope it's going well.I know you have seen my post title and starting to wonder if I am working with the E! Channel. Nah,am not. In fact you are tuned to the G! Channel and here is presenting the hotties of the bible .
C'mmon!  don't get all spiritual on me ,we all like hot boys. Well,my own version of hotties is so different but very tasteful... Enjoy:

Hottie No1: Joseph..... Yep! He made the list. This little lad who dreams and talks a lot ended up being a prime minster in Egypt. Interesting,huh! but that's not why he made the list.
Flashback to when he was serving Potiphar (his master) and his wife tried seducing him but Joseph ran and refused to consent(Genesis 39). Now,if that happened in the present day and he (Joseph) told his friends about it he would have been called a FOOL. You will hear comments like "what! You just refused a free ass,you got to be kidding me" or Dude! you are big time slacker!!!.
Joseph took the high path and refused free sex...now that's hot!!!
If Joseph were your husband or boyfriend today,you wouldn't have to worry about him cheating. Faithful guys are hot guys.

Hottie No 2: Daniel......Daniel (sighs) anytime that name is mentioned, I picture someone with someone so much intelligence and a larger than life brain. This bible dude was full of wisdom yet he acknowledged God as his source of wisdom. That's one point for u D. He wowed the Babylonian kingdom with his wisdom but he remained humble..two points for you boy.
Why did he make my hotties list? In Daniel 6:1-28,he still went ahead to pray despite the king's decree against praying to anyone except himself. Any one who disobeyed that order would ended up in detention ...oops! sorry I meant lions den. Did u say lions?God help me today if someone threatened with me with a newt not to talk of  lions den.But this dude went ahead to pray to the one true God and of course he ended up in the lions den. He showed courage even with the threat of death sentence. We all love movies with handsome war heroes. Daniel wasn't a war hero but was one courageous man. If he was around today he would be the guy who shows courage even in face of adversity. That's so hot. And who doesn't like a courageous man. We all want them as fathers,husbands and sons.

Hottie No 3: Joshua..... He came to spotlight after the death of Moses with the mantle of leadership falling upon him. But most people don't know that this dude had been a backup singer for Moses long ago( Exodus 24:13).
He was also a God chaser (Exodus 33:11). And why is he on my list? Remember the 12 spies sent out to Canaan? Yea,josh  was one of them. This spies came back and reported how good the land of Canaan was but 10 of them never believed they could conquer Canaan. In fact their words brought depression to the Israelites but josh was one who encouraged the Israelites and assured them that God was able to win the land for them (Numbers chapters 13&14)This man showed faith and was optimistic about their quest,little wonder he became the next judge after Moses.If he was around today,he would be the father who believes God for great things on behalf of his family.He would be that husband who encourages his wife to fulfill her God given purpose. He would also be the father who encourages and prays for his child who is not doing well in school.The list of things he can achieve is boundless because of his faith in God and his positive attitude
This kind of man is a very appealing man.

OK that's enough for now .For more episodes of bible hotties stay tuned to the G channel.

PS: If you are still wondering about the meaning of hot/hottie,well it's just the modern way of describing something  that is cool,nice,handsome ,beautiful ,lovely etc.

Fyi,the G channel is God's channel.


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  1. I totally dig Daniel! Hot hot hot! Hot enough for my future first son to be named after Him.
    Can't see my best hottie here though, David. But am tuned onto the channel.*winks*

  2. Haha! FRANCES I KNOW WOULD SAY SO BECAUSE YOU LIKE DAVID SO MUCH. Dont worry,he is coming soon.