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There comes a time in every young woman's life (almost every woman ) when she decides to shed the skin of spinsterhood and put on that of married life .That happened to me on 19th July 2014.

I married the man I chose to love,trust ,cherish and grow old with. How we met? hmmm, that one's is a big story and of course a laughable one.
Sincerely, God and life are full of surprises as well as my new husband. I hate surprises but it is beautiful when a good surprise comes your way. Oops!Can't believe I just said that.

I know my friends are hitching to hear details of the wedding,slow down peeps, I just got married ( *tongue out). I will soon dish out the juicy details as I was directly involved in the planning.
So grateful to God for taking me through the spinsterhood journey. It wasn't easy,most especially if you are girl trying to please God. At a point, it seemed that a truly godly man was hard to find but I eventually found my best man. To my single girls, the lord will give your best man very soon.
I would have love to share all  pics now but I don't have it all yet. Here is a sneak peak of our wedding.


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  1. Congratulations on your wedding. May God bless your home in Jesus name xx

  2. i've been refreshing for pictures...Thank god you shared those smiles with me:)
    Congratulations May your marriage be blessed, sweet and victorious....:)

  3. I actually have to stop to think about how to start my comment cuz a lot of ways to start are spinning through my head..
    First, girl you are beautiful! I knew these pictures would be amazingly fine.
    Congratulations once again to you and oga,i wish you both a marital life with God fully involved and ofcourse, with lots of laughter...
    Xoxo, much love.

  4. Congrats once again dear! You're beautiful bride! May God envelop you and your husband with His love, joy and glory always.

    Eagerly Waiting for the gist ooo *winks*