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Hiiiii! So good be back after a short while. Recently, I wrote on sunglasses and I discussed  its health benefits. If you missed it,kindly check for it on this blog.  I also promised the do the second part ,which will focus on its fashion side and here it is.Yaay!! 

I would discussing the various types of sunglasses and their distinctive features. I would also be making recommendations for you based on the shape of your face!. Hmmm ,I sound like a sunglass doctor,don't I? Lol.
                                                       TYPES OF SUNGLASSES

Cat-eyed Glasses: These sunglasses have flared outer edges and  thick horned-rims.The arms join their lenses at the top corners. This sunglass is common with  the women folk, as it gives them an edgy ,unique and elegant look.

Recommendations: This sunglass would suit  persons with  oval face,heart-shaped face or square face.

Aviator Sunglasses: These are otherwise known as  "pilot's glasses". lt was  originally designed   for the protection of pilot's  eyes while flying.These glasses are often characterized  by thin metal frames with reflective lenses. Aviator sunglasses is common among the male but it has been remodeled to also to suit females. They are so  versatile, as it looks good on almost anything including corporate wears.

Recommendations: If you have a heart,oval,round or square face, you should try this out.

Shield  Sunglasses :  These sunglasses are simple yet fashionable. It has a wide single lens which covers both eyes. The lens is demarcated below to give  allowance to the nose area. They are suitable for beach and playing sports. It also has a wrap-around effect because of its wide arms, as this gives maximum protection to the eyes and face.

Recommendations : This would best suit a round  face.


Wayfarers :This is designed mostly from plastic and it comes in various colors.One of its unique feature is, its sturdy arms and round bottom.The wayfarers sunglass is causal and would match casual outfits.

Recommendations: This one is for the round and oval faces.

Round Sunglasses: As the name implies, they are round in shape ,they can be small-sized, medium or over-sized. Their designs vary from full framed to semi-rimless and rimless..

Recommendations: All shapes of faces can wear this except the round face! So ironical!

Square Sunglasses: The squarish sunglasses are so trendy and unique. Just like the round sunglasses, they come in various designs and sizes.

Recommendations: It well suited  on a round face. I think this glass is borrowing a tip from the round sunglass.  This definitely proves that opposites attract.  If not ,why should a round glass suit a square face and a square glass match a round face!   ( Oops! so sorry , that wasn,t part of the recommendation .It was is just an after-thought. Lol.)


Now we have come to the end of the sunglasses session, I would love to hear your views about the various designs of sunglasses as well as different shapes of faces. I look forward to reading them.

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