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  Have you ever gone to cafeteria,ordered for a particular meal and you looked at what the other person got and wished you had ordered what he got?  Sounds familiar huh!

  I got a feel of that early this month. I wanted to make my hair but wasn't sure about the styIe l wanted; I wasn't sure if I wanted  braids, a fringe or even a bob.

I set out to shopping for a weave to use. I went from one beauty shop to another. I just couldn't make up my mind on what to buy .Finally ,I settled for a dread weave (I wasn't even sure I liked it). On my way home, I saw a lady wearing a spiraled weave and I was captivated ,the odd part was that I had seen the same spiral weave in the shop where I brought my weave. I rushed back to the shop to change the weave to the one I saw on that lady.
I had another dramatic episode with my hair-stylist. She styled the weave in a way I didn't like,because I never gave her clear-cut instructions regarding the style I wanted. I left the salon angry and frustrated. At home, I was brooding over all that had happened that day,and then, it occurred to me that I went through all those stress because I didn't really know what I wanted. If I had known the kind of hairstyle I wanted, I would have known the kind of weave to buy and how it should have been styled.
"The best way to get nothing out of life, is to not know what you want out of life." I keep wondering how many people go through life without a defined goal,vision or dream. Don't just say "I want to be great in life", be determined to be the best in that career or endeavour. Quit wishing you were a better Christian,make up your mind to be one who is vast in the scriptures and consistent in his/her walk with God. Stop daydreaming about having a good family, decide to be one who loves unconditionally, patient and ready to discipline and instruct one's children in God's ways.

  I sincerely believe that God guides and leads us. But we have to make decisions,set goals, pray and plan towards it. If God has other plans ,he will guide us into it.

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