Sunshine Awards

11:27 pm Tosin Eyebiokin-Olugbade 11 Comments

Finally, I am answering this award's question. As if I have a choice! If I don't do this post ,Frances will have my
And thanks to Frances for the nomination. Guys, you should check out my girl's blog , She is blogger with an extraordinary  writing talent. A visit to her blog leaves you inspired and refreshed.

Now to the award's question


1) I have a naturally curly hair. This kinda annoys me sometimes, because, it is often difficult to straighten.Even when I straighten it ,turns frizzy so soon. But I still love my hair and I love to flaunt it *winks*

2) I am naturally an introvert though many folks would not believe me. I had to learn to talk and express myself without fear.

3)I enjoy fantasising a lot. Infact, in my teenage years, I had some hot and cool imaginary friends. Don't ask me for details o, that's gist for another day.

4) This might sound unusual  but its true.I have a tomboy streak in me. I guess that explains my fascination with sneakers, polo shirts, all-stars and boy cut hairstyles. Dong! I guess you never imagined that part of me.

5) I love children a lot and i also love instilling godly virtues in them. Maybe that's why I teach children Sunday school. But, I have a confession to make. I have more hots for female children because I can dress them up more gorgeously. *Rotfl*

6) I am very romantic at heart but I like to form tough babe!.... na lie o.

7) I love shopping!!! which girl doesn't?

8) I don't know how to swim even though I indicated swimming as part of my hobbies while filling my jamb form several years back. Chaii!

9) I am a book addict,I love reading and researching *feeling fly*

10) I love watching cartoons and animated series.

Liebster awards coming soon and guys!!! you don't want to miss my next post....


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  1. Well, I don't love shopping jor. Lol but seriously jare.
    And you are right, I never would have imagined that you have a tomboy streak in you. You like one foine totally feminine
    And you say your hair is annoying sometimes? See o? After God give you fine hair finish, oya dey flaunt am for us na. Mtchew.lols
    Thanks for doing this babes.

    1. Seriously!you don't like shopping?! Am surprised. Okay o, I take it back ,my curly hair is not

  2. You know when a reader enjoys your post but dont want to comment. That's like sending a lady the most expensive diamond necklace anonymously.....a reminiscence of Akeem and Liza in that old "coming to Amercia", "not Darrel" Gosh! That's like missing the point when she's telling her heart out.

    all i can say.... someone loves you 'curly hair chic with a tomboy streak".....and guess what.....its not Darrel....LOL!

    1. what can I say to this anonymous. I am actually speechless

  3. Awwwww,..nice one babe, tomboy streak,....surprised,..yeah u got me....
    I love shopping too,....but i dont do that often,..i think i love it in my mind.
    Great one babe, the swimming, can learn na, u can enjoy your fantasies of it come to life,

    1. Hannnahhhhhh! where have you been girl? You have been scarce on blogsville dear! Hop u are doing great? you are right I should really learn how to swim ,so that I can stop swimming only in my head. lol.

      Good to have you here .*hugs*

  4. 4&6! That's so me! Lol

    1. Hmmmm,thank God! am not the only tomboy around here. Glad you could stop by dear.Will definitely check your blog

  5. Great to meet you Florence :-)
    I agree with Frances, not all girls like shopping lol.. I don't (well, apart from food shopping - does that count? :-) xx

  6. did you say food shopping? iLOVE FOOD,LOTS AND LOTS OF IT..LOL
    glad you stop by dear

    1. did you say food shopping? iLOVE FOOD,LOTS AND LOTS OF IT..LOL
      glad you could stop by dear