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I woke up around 5am today  and before I knew it,I had launched my own pity party. I recalled all my recent mistakes, failed expectations ,unmet deadlines and the list goes on .  As an unrepentant perfectionist,I expect things to turn out perfectly.You guessed right, most times I don’t get perfect outcomes, and the reasons for these is sometimes my fault,at other times ,they  are due to circumstance beyond my control. But I still beat myself over it because I believe in perfection!!!

While in my moody state,I began to prepare for work. I had done all necessary things,but there was a problem, I didn't know what to wear to work. As I rummaged my closet, I found this long white gown which I owned ( it wasn't my ideal  Friday work dress ,but I decided to wear it ) and that was the miracle it took to get me out of my foul mood. Then the word Friday blessings came to  mind.

Me enjoying Friday Blessings

Life can be hard and unfair but in the midst of all, there is a lot to be thankful for. Below are a few of the things i am thankful for:

 Yes,  I have made mistakes but I am thankful that I am alive, because this gives me a chance to learn from my mistakes and  set things right.

I have not been a good time manager lately but being alive gives me opportunity to amend that.

I have handled relationships sourly, but today, I get the chance to start handling them well.

I feel like I have not been giving my very best to my ministry. I am thankful, because I have come to realize it and  I am making plans to give it my all.

This is a big one but I think its worth mentioning. I have not been spending much time with God lately. This happened because, I let a lot of activities cloud my time and I forgot that my topmost priority is my relationship with God. I am grateful  because my eyes were opened to this and  I also  get another day to make things right with God.

Rocking my wannabe wedding dress.

 We all have failures, regrets and shortcomings but we can be thankful for life because its another chance to make things work.

What are you grateful for?

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  1. I love,love ur gown! + that smile? Oh,double times lovely!
    U aint got no worries dear,God's got u and thr r no mistakes in life,only lessons,turn it around for good.
    As for whr u r slacking behind,its a good thing u know,just push urself 2make d necessarry changes...
    As for me,am grateful for absolutely everyting!

  2. sweetheart you brought tears to my eyes reading this post.
    failed expectations and unmet deadlines.........
    but God is still in charge and i believe him with all my heart.
    my dear you look absolutely angelic in your gown.
    and you will definitely rock a wedding dress soonest.

    1. Yes Uchenna, I believe he is really in charge. Thanks for coming by.Cheers!!!

  3. Really do like your wannabee wedding dress....

    1. thank you so much and I do appreciate you stopping by.cheers!

  4. So relateable...God never leaves our side no matter how irritated we may feel abt ourselves..His mercies are unending

    1. His mercies are definitely unending.Thanks for stopping by dear.