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Bags comes in different shapes,sizes,colors and designs. And of course, they  are meant for different purposes. Let's take a tour to see if you have the right bag!


  Clutches come in different sizes, shapes and designs. They can be simple, sequined or bejeweled .They can be small sized or over sized.  Clutches are appropriate for dinners, evening outings, parties. They can be also be paired with  corporate wears, evening dresses and  native attires.  


                                                    MESSENGER BAGS
These are bags with straps usually worn over the shoulder. The messenger bag enables its users to carry their belongings comfortably. It also allows them easy access to the items in bag as they can easily reach for the bag.  Below are the various types of messenger bags.

 Leather messenger bags: This is a big and roomy leather bag. It is mostly used by business executives to stack  a whole lot of documents.


Slingbag : This is a very comfortable and fashionable version of the messenger bag. It is ideal for daytime outings  and it can  be paired with a casual outfit.

Cyclers messenger bag :The Cycler can put all he needs in this bag and easily reach for it. This can also be used as a sport or gym bag depending on its size.

Satchel: This is a distinct version of the  messenger bag. Satchels are briefcase-like and  mostly used for carrying books. But over time ,it has evolved fashionably. This feminine version of the satchel is so fashionable and  ideal for the office.

Laptop bag : This is used for carrying a laptop as well as documents and books.

This bag is so popular with students because it helps to carry all their books. It is also used to carry laptops or heavy equipment. Smaller versions of backpacks can be used for casual outings. A word of caution: the backpack should not be too overloaded, else it can lead to backache or poor posture.

                                                   REGULAR BAGS
Whether its a bucket bag,hobo,tote or shoulder bag.These bags can be used  interchangeably for office,outings,parties or formal events,depending on the size,color and design.

                                                     DUFFEL BAG 
This is a sport bag. It is used to carry sports kit or sports equipment. It  can also pass for a travel bag.

                                                     BEACH BAG
I love the beach bag! Its so colorful and fun!. It doesn't only fit at a beach. It can be worn to the salon,gym,movies or a picnic.

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  1. Love d beach bag as well, very my taste! U 4got to mention d sakas n d polythene bags. D sakas re gud 4 heavy food shopping like yams n d poly ll do just fine 4 ur bread n garri.
    Pls update n thank me later.....Heheeeehe

  2. laughing my gums off. Debz, you are so right . Get ready to be a guest blogger for this blog. much love.

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  4. Thanks for this,if one has one of each,she's good.
    Now planning to do exactly that.
    Lmao at polythene bags.

    1. You are so gracious with your comments.thank you so much. Much love.