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Hi everyone,hope you had a wonderful weekend. So I thought I 'll use something exciting to usher you into the new week.

This year, I decided to move round the blogsville and interview bloggers. So I titled it BLOGTRIP.Today, I have got here a very good blog sister and pal. I would have love to gush about but that will spoil the fun. Instead, I would let you sit back and enjoy the interview.

__Me: Could you please introduce yourself?

__Frances: Hi hi everyone!
My name is Frances Oghenerukevwe Okoro.
You aren't allowed to call me my native name except you are a "personal person" sha. *winks*

__Me: When and What made you to start blogging?

__Frances: Ok, I started blogging in September 2013. I started up because I was always disturbing my BBM contacts with the words in my head and most of them wanted me to get a blog and "free them". Lol.
I'm only kidding.
But really, I started blogging because I had all these words streaming through my head and I knew that God had put them in me for me to share with others so I basically had to start blogging or be sentenced to writing behind my school notes(which isn't a cool thing I tell you)

__Me: You recently moved your blog to a permanent domain, what inspired that decision?

__Frances: Hmm, this question. It's a long story oh but I will try to make my answer short.
While I was in Law school last year, I basically started feeling like God wanted me to take blogging/writing for Him seriously (my blog is a christian blog).
And I was so scared at first, like "what about money? Small me? Oh no!"
But it all became clear at last, I had to move to my own domain and get this writing for God business SERIOUSLY started. And that's what I'm just trying to do.

__Me: In some of your posts,I read about your weight loss journey. Why did you decide to lose weight?

__FrancesGirl:I decided to lose weight because I didn't like my Christian mother arms at all.
Like seriously, I loved myself like crazy but my arms and tummy in one of the pictures that I was snapped on my 20th birthday gave me the push to get fit.
I wasn't even up to 25 but I was looking like a mother of 3kids.
I just got tired of being unhealthy and unfit and decided to change it.

__Me: How were you able to achieve that weight loss dream?

__Frances: I basically changed the way I ate and started exercising.
I was weighing 98kg then and I didn't even know my weight till I decided to lose the weight.
It shocked me when I stepped on the scale to see that figure and I got shocked into action.
I started jogging in school then, cut out junks-soft drinks, biscuit and all, started eating more protein based foods and good carbs and I also did some detoxing with fruits to cleanse my system before I changed the foods I ate.

__Me: Would you like to share what you weighed back then and now?

__Frances: Like stated already, I weighed 98kg in 2013 when I started my weightloss journey (I must have weighed more because I had already started my detox programme before I checked my weight for the first time)

As at yesterday, Saturday March 7th, the day before I wrote these answers, I weigh 74.3kg.

__Me: Frances,you are so full of passion and visions. I feel your vibrancy and energy every time I visit your blog. How did you become that woman?

__Frances: Passion and vibrancy kwa?
Heh! I'm flattered.
But seriously now, I guess that passion flows from knowing that God has a lot for me to do on earth.
He has a purpose for me to fulfill here on earth and my greatest desire is for me to fulfill what God has set me apart to do for Him from the beginning of time.
Fulfilling God's purpose for my life is even more important than marriage to me(not that marriage isn't sweet and important), so I try as much as possible not to slack at what God has placed in my hands.
I guess another reason why I am really passionate about fulfilling visions and set goals is because I know where I am coming from.
God turned this small girl's life around and I don't want to fail Him or let Him down.
All you see in me is all God.
That's how I became this woman - all God.

__Me: One of my favorite segment on your blog is "Lessons from when I almost dated an engaged man." Why did you start that column?

__Frances: Oh, the "lessons from when I almost dated an engaged man" is a post under the segment of "Frances's love letters" on my blog.
It's a segment where I write letters based on love and relationships from the Christian angle every saturday.
I wrote "lessons from when I almost dated an engaged man" from experiences I had had with a friend who was engaged to be married to someone else.
God had practically "ordered" me out of the friendship because feelings were getting involved.
I learnt so much from that episode and I only write and share things when I feel led to do so.
The incident happened last year but I only wrote and shared my lessons on my blog this year.
I shared that post because I thought that people could indeed learn from my experience and know that God is interested and concerned about who we court/marry and He has a plan for us all maritally.

__Me:OK, enough blog questions, let's move to some lighter questions. When did you have your first crush and what happened to him?

__Frances: Hahahaha!
First crush...
I think I was 14? Or 12? Or 10?
I don't know jor.
I sha know that there was one guy that I was liking who was always carrying weights in our compound then. He never gave me face sha.
Then at 14 I think I started liking phone pals I had never met before(small pikin things, mtcheeww)

__Me: I know you love movies, what is your favorite movie and why do you like it?

__Frances: Favourite movie?
Now this is hard to say oh.
Maybe "My sister's keeper"
Or "the vow"
Or "transcendence"
Or "the giver"
Or "the colour purple"
Or "courageous"
Or "Facing the giants"

Oh well, you can tell that I don't have a favorite.
I used to like the romantic movies and autobiography movies like "biography of Margaret thatcher" but these days, I don't watch too many movies anymore and I tilt more towards the christian movies like "fireproof"
I am selective with what I watch now and I'd rather watch something what adds positively to me (with maturity comes sense I guess? :-)

But I really do love "the notebook" though.
Do you know that the husband and wife both died on the same day in each others arms in that movie? *sniff sniff*

__Me: What is your dream man like?

__Frances: Don't get me started on this, the list is longggg! Lol.
But thankfully, God has dealt with me about this list thing. You will have to read the post under Frances's love letters on my blog to find out about the lessons on "the list".Hehe
But seriously, the first thing he must be is a man that loves God.
Not a Christian for mouth, a man that places God above everything, even me.
He should be matured, not just in age, in brain too.
He should have found God's purpose for his life as we can't just be moving on a merry-go-round chase, what am I to help him with if he has no destination?
He should be hard working of course, lazy men are appalling.
It would be great if he is soft spoken as I tend to be really outspoken with strong mind set (God is working on that)
And eh, it won't hurt if he doesn't have a pot belly... God please, let him be one that takes fitness as seriously as I do.
The inner attributes are more important than the outer though, the outer ones are "jara". But God is able and will give me more than I set my human sights on.

__Me: What is your favorite outfit combo?

__Frances: Outfit combo kwa?
I'm not a fashion person oh.
Gimme jeans and top any day and I am good. Lol.
But I love gowns, I think they make a lady look elegant.
And I love it when I wear tucked in shirts in corporate pants, complete with really high heels. Now, that makes me feel fly! Lol

__Me: What is the most embarrassing moment you have ever had?

__Frances : Embarrassing moment?
I don't think I have ever said this out loud to anyone before.
When I was at boarding school(secondary school), I mistakenly oh, farted (messed) at prep class one day.
It was a loud one and so embarrassing!
I couldn't say anything at all and one wicked senior was just shouting "who did that?"
I wanted to melt in my seat!

__Me: Tell us something that blogsville doesn't know about Frances?

__Frances : What does blogsville not know about me????
I cry when I don't get what food i'm craving at the time to eat... I already wrote this in my 20things about me post on my blog.
I can pinpoint anything

__Me: Thank you Frances, do you have any parting words?

__Frances: Just thank youuuuuu!
I hope I nailed the questions.
Thanks for having me on here.
Cheers babes!

There you have it people! Here is a stunning picture of Frances below;

Guys you should go hang out with Frances.Trust me, there is no dulling moment with her.

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